AI Apps Embedded in Oracle Cloud Applications

Get better business insights faster, automate routine tasks, and access personalized recommendations. Discover how Oracle AI Apps adapt to your unique way of working with (ML) learning and artificial intelligence. Oracle AI Apps work in real time and are all accessed through the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications suite.

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  • Oracle’s AI strategy

    Improve performance across both front- and back-office business functions. Learn how Oracle is embedding AI capabilities across its Fusion Cloud Applications suite as part of its Pervasive AI strategy.

  • Intelligent UX

    Take the right actions at precisely the right time. Hear how Oracle is leveraging AI across its applications to make the user experience more intuitive and able to accelerate user workflows.

  • AI development philosophy

    Protect your brand and complement the skills of your workforce by using AI responsibly. Learn how Oracle is approaching AI development to ensure AI makes a positive contribution to business and society.

Explore Oracle AI Apps

Gain valuable business insights, accelerate processes, reduce time to market, and improve customer experiences, all while reducing costs and improving productivity. Oracle’s Fusion Applications Suite now offers pre-built, productionized intelligence capabilities embedded into your favorite business applications with Oracle AI Apps.

Oracle AI Apps embedded in Oracle Financials

Improve performance, optimize working capital, and increase automation across payables and receivables in Oracle Cloud Financials with AI-powered features built specifically for finance tasks.

The following AI Apps are embedded in Oracle Financials:

  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Intelligent Account Combination Defaulting

Oracle AI Apps embedded in Oracle Human Resources

Increase candidate pipeline quality, improve the candidate experience, and reduce time to hire for your business. As part of its expanding offering in HR, Oracle AI Apps provide a wide range of features built specifically for recruitment. Customers of Oracle Fusion Cloud Recruiting can easily enable AI Apps features via the self-service enablement process and immediately take advantage of automated suggestions and predictions.

The following AI Apps are embedded in Oracle Recruiting:

  • Time to Hire
  • Best Candidates
  • Similar Candidates
  • Recommended Jobs
  • Similar Jobs

Introducing Oracle Dynamic Skills

Many organizations crave data on their employees’ skills. Skills data is the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle for understanding the skills profile of their workforce, developing skills-based career-development strategies, and optimizing their talent acquisition processes. Dynamic Skills is integrated with Oracle Cloud HCM (additional license required) and encompasses
  • Skills Nexus—an AI data engine
  • Skills Advisor—AI recommendations
  • Skills Center—an AI management portal

Oracle AI Apps embedded in Oracle Sales

Identify and direct sales teams to sales leads and opportunities with the highest win probabilities, accelerate deals, and improve sales conversion rates. Oracle AI Apps for Oracle Sales delivers AI-enabled, in-the-moment automation for your sales team.

The following AI Apps are embedded in Oracle Sales:

  • Account Prioritization
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM) Expansion
  • Account Enrichment
  • Smart Talking Points
  • Opportunity Win Probability
  • Opportunity Recommended Actions
  • Lead Conversion Probability

Oracle AI Apps embedded in Oracle Service

Boost your customer experience by delivering a more nimble and efficient response to service requests. Augment your service team capabilities with intelligent, AI-powered features embedded directly within Oracle Service for easy adoption into your everyday workflows.

The following AI Apps are embedded in Oracle Service:

S.R. Similarity
  • Deliver superior customer service by providing service agents with immediate access to similar service requests (SRs) that have previously led to successful issue resolution
  • Increase agent efficiency by embedding these recommendations directly into your Oracle Service system to minimize time spent unnecessarily troubleshooting
  • Improve job satisfaction for service agents via an enhanced ability to answer queries on a right-first-time basis and spend more time on complex issues
S.R. Classification (Email)
  • Optimize SR routing by using ML to predict product/category labels from the subject line and body of incoming emails
  • Reduce time spent categorizing SRs sent via email
  • Minimize human error for this element of the service process
  • Reduce resolution time for your customers and improve brand reputation

Oracle AI Apps embedded in Oracle Procurement

Increase procurement efficiency and reduce risk

Powered by Oracle DataFox, Oracle AI Apps for procurement delivers highly accurate supplier intelligence to help you manage supplier risk. Smart data from Oracle DataFox’s AI-powered data engine is embedded in Oracle Procurement providing validated company profiles, timely alerts, and configurable risk scores. With validated supplier profiles, you can prevent fraudulent transaction, and proactively monitor suppliers with ease.

The following AI App is embedded in Oracle Procurement:

  • Supplier Intelligence

Oracle AI apps benefits

  • Deliver efficiencies and improve strategic contribution in ERP

    Improve efficiency and reduce human error by automating core processes and providing guided actions for users. Free up time and resources to help teams across business functions play a bigger role in driving corporate initiatives, improving outcomes, and influencing business strategy.

  • Attract and manage talent more efficiently and optimize processes in HCM

    Hire top talent quickly, reduce time to hire, and automatically match requisite skills to relevant job requisitions. Optimize employee engagement to achieve higher levels of morale, improved productivity, and maximum career growth. Enhance productivity by automating routine tasks (expenses, timesheets, etc.) and leverage suggested actions to complete them expediently.

  • Improve sales rep productivity and close more deals in CX

    Identify which sales leads offer the greatest potential through AI-powered rankings, real-time news alerts, and recommended actions to ensure reps work on the right opportunity at the right time and improve conversion to sale.

  • Optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce with intelligent UX

    Increase process velocity and minimize errors through automated, contextual data entry. Take the right actions at precisely the right time when prompted by suggested actions tailored to the way your users work. Create a more personalized and pleasurable environment for your staff to execute their workflows.

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