Oracle Social Cloud for CMOs

Oracle Social Cloud for CMOs
Drive Strategies Through Customer Insights

Chief Marketing Officer

Maintain Consistency with the Right Social Marketing Tools
Maintain Consistency Maintain Consistency

How do I deliver consistent content across my digital marketing channels?

Inspire brand loyalty with powerful listening and engagement with customers. Leverage sophisticated technology to deliver optimized content for continuous improvement on social channels, measured by powerful analytics. Easily transfer customers from social to sales and customer service platforms for nurturing and resolution.

Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing

How do I use customer insights from social to align and drive marketing strategies?

Measure ROI through integrated dynamic link tracking and superior social listening analysis to reveal a complete digital footprint and learn how social can further enhance your marketing efforts.

Drive Revenue
Drive Revenue Drive Revenue

How can I boost revenue and sales through social media?

Listen to what your customers and prospects are saying,create tailored content or products to address their needs, then publish and promote your content on owned, earned and paid channels.

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