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Real-Time Insights from Connected Assets

Use Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Asset Monitoring Cloud to improve profitability through automated monitoring and alerting of assets. Gain real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, and predict future events.

IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud

Monitor Assets

Track any asset, anywhere, anytime, indoor or outdoor, and achieve ROI in days.

Digitize Physical Assets

Instantly transform assets into digital twins and intelligently monitor the assets' health, location, and utilization.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict asset and equipment failures before they happen and minimize the unplanned downtime.

Enterprise Ready

Optimize the enterprise supply chain and improve customer experience with intelligent IoT insights.

Explore IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud

Product Features

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Track and Locate Assets Instantly

    Locate Assets

  • Track and locate assets in real time using modern IoT technologies.
  • Get Relevant Information

  • Leverage map-based interactive visualizations of location and asset health.
  • Leverage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Utilize built-in, configurable KPIs for asset health, utilization, and availability.

Ensure Availability of Assets

    Monitor Health

  • Continuously monitor asset health to detect faults.
  • Predict Failures

  • Predict asset failure based on built-in asset reliability algorithm.
  • Resolve Issues

  • Manage timely resolution of issues via effective incident management.
  • Be Mobile Ready

  • Gain contextualized visibility and notifications on mobile apps.

Drive Predictive Maintenance

      Spot Inconsistencies

    • Detect anomalies in asset health and performance.
    • Predict Fluctuations

    • Predict KPI and asset health fluctuations.
    • Act on Issues

    • Proactively generate maintenance incidents to prevent outages.

Connect to Enterprise Applications

    Integrate with Oracle Inventory Cloud

  • Track inventory from the time the pallet leaves the supplier to the last mile.
  • Integrate with Oracle Service Cloud

  • Create service incidents in Oracle Service Cloud in real time and initiate condition-based maintenance.
  • Integrate with Product Management Cloud

  • Create a digital twin of connected assets and start a simulation, shortening the product development timeline.
  • Integrate with Asset Management

  • Import asset information from enterprise asset management.

Prevent Asset Theft and Misplacement

    Control Usage

  • Create geofence boundaries to specify asset usage areas.
  • Get Notified

  • Get instantly notified when asset movement violates usage guidelines.
  • Be Compliant

  • Remotely control asset behavior to fix faults and ensure compliance.

Reduce Capital Purchases for Assets

    Improve Uptime

  • Improve asset uptime with real-time monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Extend Asset Life

  • Extend asset life with predictive analytics and proactive maintenance.
  • Modernize Your Supply Chain

  • Seamlessly connect to your enterprise supply chain to create new business value and improve efficiency.
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