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Oracle Hardware

Oracle hardware includes a full-suite of scalable engineered systems, servers, and storage that enable enterprises to optimize application and database performance, protect crucial data, and lower costs. IT managers accelerate digital transformations with automated operations and exclusive features that improve database performance, lower software license costs, and simplify management.

Oracle Hardware
Modernize Oracle Database environments

Find out how customers are improving operational efficiency and achieving an average of $1.9M in annual benefits with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Increase business value with recovery automation

Understand how to reduce the cost of Oracle Database downtime by up to 41%.

Oracle hardware’s digital transformation benefits

Oracle Database optimizations

Oracle hardware simplifies organization’s digital transformation by enabling IT teams to deploy optimized Oracle Database clouds in customer data centers and easy-to-manage appliances for remote office and edge deployments.

  • Run Oracle Databases up to 10X faster with Oracle Exadata’s Smart Scan query offload as highlighted in the NTT DoCoMo video (0:48) and Gansu Mobile story.
  • Achieve up to 40:1 Oracle Database consolidation with Exadata’s scale-out architecture and automated resource management.
  • Accelerate the creation of new databases in your remote and edge locations by up to 67% and improve their performance up to 34% with Oracle Database Appliance as described in IDC’s multi-customer study (PDF)
Watch the Halliburton story (1:32) Read IDC’s Oracle Database Appliance customer survey (PDF)
Oracle Database optimizations

Oracle Cloud integration

Oracle hardware’s built-in Oracle public cloud integrations streamline customer management of on-premises and cloud databases, automate protecting crucial data in the cloud, and simplify cloud migrations.

  • Protect and secure private data in Oracle’s public cloud with automated backup and replicate to cloud capabilities.
  • Move Oracle Databases to the Oracle public cloud with built-in tools and Oracle Zero Downtime Migration.
  • Unify management of on-premises Oracle Databases and those in Oracle Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Watch the Secure-24 story (1:39)
Oracle Cloud integration

Enhanced availability and data protection

Oracle hardware increases the availability of important Oracle Databases and applications with fault-tolerant, scale-out designs and built-in capabilities that make it easier for companies to implement Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) best practices.

  • Improve the availability of crucial Oracle Databases to 99.999% with Oracle Exadata in MAA configurations.
  • Implement Oracle MAA best practices with less specialized expertise by using Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance’s automation to reduce the cost of downtime by up to 47%, as described in Wikibon’s Recovery Appliance analysis (PDF).
  • Improve Oracle application uptime with Oracle x86 servers.
Watch Exelon’s story (1:28) Read ESG’s Recovery Appliance analysis (PDF)
Enhanced availability and data protection

High-performance consolidation

IT departments at organizations around the world use Oracle hardware’s scalable architectures and performance optimizations to accelerate individual workloads and reduce data center complexity with efficient multi-workload consolidation at each level of the IT stack.

  • Achieve up to 40:1 Oracle Database consolidation and lower costs by up to 33% using Exadata’s scale-out architecture and automated resource management, as demonstrated in Wikibon’s Exadata X8M analysis (PDF)
  • Simplify enterprise-wide Oracle Database protection by consolidating backup and recovery silos with Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance and reduce costs by up to 31% according to Wikibon’s Recovery Appliance analysis (PDF)
  • Consolidate infrastructure for containerized cloud native applications and those running natively on multiple operating systems with Private Cloud Appliance.
Watch the AmerisourceBergen story (1:31)
High-performance consolidation

Lower costs and greater value

Oracle hardware lowers the cost of running company’s on-premises workloads by reducing the number of systems required, delivering higher performance for every Oracle Database software license employed, and reducing IT staff workloads.

  • Run enterprise applications with up to 85% lower costs through Private Cloud Appliance’s management automation and trusted partition enabled software licensing.
  • Achieve a 498% five-year ROI for remote and edge deployments with Oracle Database Appliance, as highlighted in the IDC Oracle Database Appliance business value study (PDF)
  • Reduce the storage required for data warehouses and database archives by up to 75% with Hybrid Columnar Compression—only available on Oracle hardware.
Read the Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik story
Lower costs and greater value

Oracle Hardware

The best Oracle Database platform

Oracle Exadata is a full-stack solution that improves the performance, scale, security, and availability of an enterprise’s Oracle Databases. It incorporates more than 60 unique features, such as Smart Scan SQL offload, that are coengineered with Oracle Database to accelerate OLTP, analytics and machine-learning applications. Exadata also reduces capital costs and management expenses by enabling IT departments to consolidate hundreds of databases onto a single system. Companies can deploy Exadata on-premises, in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or as a Cloud@Customer solution, and use Autonomous Database to simplify and accelerate digital transformations.

  • Full-stack, integrated solution reduces integration requirements
  • High-availability hardware and software maximize database uptime
  • 144X scalability, from 48 to 6,912 CPU cores, enables enterprise-wide database consolidation
  • On-premises and Oracle Cloud options simplify digital transformations
  • Intelligent storage increases database performance and controls costs
  • <19 microsecond SQL read latency improves OLTP responsiveness
  • Up to 16 million SQL IOPS increases throughput for consolidated workloads
  • Up to 560 GB/s SQL throughput accelerates data-intensive analytics applications

Pre-built and optimized for crucial enterprise workloads

Oracle Engineered Systems are integrated, full-stack solutions that are developed with Oracle Database and applications to run crucial customer workloads faster, at lower costs, and with greater security than multivendor, on-premises solutions. Scalable designs enable enterprises to consolidate existing IT infrastructure and quickly adjust to surges in demand, while management automation reduces administrative workloads and helps control costs.

  • Complete solutions eliminate multivendor infrastructure integration
  • Full-stack quarterly patching cuts patching workload by over 80% (PDF)
  • Automation reduces IT staff management workloads up to 61%, as shown in IDC’s Oracle Database Appliance report (PDF)
  • Reliable edge appliances reduce downtime in remote locations by up to up to 99% as described by IDC
  • Cloud data-protection and migration capabilities simplify your digital transformation
  • Incremental scaling easily supports growing application and database requirements
  • Trusted partition licensing cuts software costs by up to 85%
  • Continuous protection for crucial Oracle Databases

Secure application infrastructure

Oracle’s x86 and SPARC servers run enterprise applications in on-premises data centers and edge environments with high performance, security, reliability, and efficiency. Enterprise Java, Oracle Database, and application workloads run at peak performance and with efficient virtualization while the inclusion of operating system and virtualization software at no addition charge lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Entry-level to high-end servers for scale-up, scale-out, and edge deployments
  • SPARC servers meet enterprise needs for reliable and cost-effective UNIX solutions
  • Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM are included at no cost with every Oracle x86 server
  • Proven Solaris operating system guaranteed to run existing SPARC/Solaris applications into the future
  • Redundant designs with hot-swappable components increase Oracle Database and application availability
  • Integrated encryption, application memory protection, and compliance auditing improve data and system security
  • Oracle Solaris and multiple forms of virtualization are included at no cost with every Oracle SPARC server

Optimized unified storage and data protection

Oracle storage delivers high performance, capacity, and availability, while lowering TCO for active and archival storage. It supports all applications and data types, while protecting crucial data against cyberattacks and failures. It also integrates unique features that improve Oracle Database performance and efficiency and protect data in the Oracle Cloud.

  • Unified file, block, and object storage meets customers active storage needs
  • Up to 8 PB of all-flash storage for latency-sensitive applications
  • Up to 18 GB/Sec throughput accelerates data-warehouse and data-protection workloads
  • IO prioritization optimizes Oracle Database storage performance
  • Data protection solutions with unique Oracle Database integrations accelerates recovery of crucial information
  • Tape automation reduces the cost of managing archives by up to 95% (PDF) according to ESG
  • Up to 108 PB of uncompressed capacity stores for archival data
  • Up to 148 TB/hour of throughput speeds access to offline storage and archives

View all customer successes

Oracle hardware customer successes

Oracle hardware is used by thousands of customers worldwide to run and protect business-critical Oracle Databases and applications with high performance, scale, and security, while reducing administrative burdens and TCO.

Gorilla Group
IS Nordic
Toyo Engineering
Tractor Supply
Swisscom logo

Swisscom improves operational efficiency and protects Oracle Databases with Oracle hardware

Oracle hardware use cases

  • Simplify digital transformations

    Accelerate enterprise applications and databases, while reducing IT management workloads with the same database and systems technology as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    Watch the ICBC Argentina story (1:25)

  • Implement an Oracle Database cloud

    Achieve up to a 40:1 reduction in data center complexity by consolidating multiple Oracle Database workloads on Exadata or Exadata Cloud@Customer and reduce manual system tuning by up to 69%.

    Watch Entel’s story (1:13)

  • Consolidate application infrastructure

    Reduce the number of servers and storage systems required to run application workloads, cut IT management workloads with automation, and lower total cost of ownership by consolidating all aspects of your IT environment with Oracle hardware.

    Watch Revera’s story (1:37)

  • Modernize applications with optimized in-database analytics and machine learning

    Integrate Oracle Machine Learning capabilities into applications, build machine-learning models up to 10X faster by eliminating data movement, and accelerate business analytics with optimized in-database capabilities of Oracle Exadata.

    Read Yapi Kredi Bank’s story

  • Protect application and database information enterprise-wide

    Protect Oracle Databases with up to 50X faster backups and 8X faster recoveries while speeding up the protection of all other data with high-performance Oracle hardware.

    Watch Energy Transfer’s story (1:24)

June 18, 2020

Database cyberattack protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Tim Chien, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

“As the premiere Oracle Engineered System for database protection, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is fault-isolated from the production database, so if a cyberattack hits the database, the appliance is not compromised. “

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