Oracle Financials Cloud—Advanced Collections

Collect More Money, Faster

Collect More Money, Faster

Oracle Advanced Collections Cloud

Take Control of Customer Collections

Direct and monitor the entire collections lifecycle to collect more money, faster.

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine X6-8 left view

    With this customer collections cloud solution, delinquent accounts are automatically prioritized and include customer information, such as transactions, aging, and communications.

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine X6-8 front view

    View and manage transactions by customer. Track promises, make adjustments, manage disputes, and apply customer receipts.

Increase Collector Productivity

Streamline customer delinquency processing so agents can quickly prioritize and resolve delinquencies.

  • Help agents focus on resolving delinquencies by automatically assigning customers to agents
  • Manage and prioritize work with interactive activity planner and work status
  • Improve productivity by synchronizing sequential tasks with configurable strategy management

Get Paid Fast, Reduce Bad Debt

Ensure that customers pay fast with intelligent delinquency processing. Collect more money by controlling bad debt risks.

  • Take immediate action with automated calls, dunning, and prioritized call-backs
  • Resolve customer issues with comprehensive delinquent-transactions management
  • Focus on high-risk accounts with configurable scoring and promise-to-pay tracking
  • Adjust collections strategy using industry-standard metrics that assess receivables health

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