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Low, Predictable Infrastructure Pricing

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers predictable, low pricing across all regions and offerings. Customers benefit from increased value, without cost surprises, as deployments grow from proof of concept to steady-state production environments at enterprise scale.

Simple, Price-Performance Advantage

Enterprise users and tech vendors alike require cost predictability to plan their budgets and run their business. Running workloads in cloud can make it extremely difficult to forecast cost over time accurately, but not with Oracle Cloud. Oracle has simple rate structures that eliminate cost surprises associated with hard to estimate usage elements like data egress and storage performance. Further, Oracle charges the same rates for all regions, so going global on Oracle Cloud doesn’t increase the cost of service. Running big workloads at scale can get expensive on other clouds. Oracle's enterprise class cloud delivers industry leading price/performance, delivering tremendous value to customers running workloads that matter.


“We are completely transforming the way all companies buy and use cloud by providing flexibility and choice. Today, we combined the lowest prices with the highest performance and more automation to deliver a lower total cost of ownership for our customers.”

—Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

Simplified cloud purchasing and consumption models

Complex pricing models from most cloud providers make it difficult to understand and control your cloud spending. Oracle provides consistent pricing across regions and performance levels, and consumption models that don't force you to choose between the resource flexibility and savings the cloud can provide. Oracle offers several purchase models to help you get more value from the cloud and existing Oracle software investments.

Provision resources on demand with no upfront commitment, and pay only for what you use.


Pay as you go pricing allows you to quickly provision services with no commitment, and pay only for what you use. There is no upfront commitment and no minimum service period. Your use of Oracle IaaS and PaaS services are metered hourly and charged only for the resources consumed.


  • No minimum service period
  • Pay-in-arrears for resources used
  • Services billed at list price


  • Pay only for resources used
  • Quickly provision and scale cloud resources
  • No upfront commitment

Discounted, predictable spending, and complete resource flexibility with monthly commitment.


With universal credits, you select a monthly spending commitment, and can consume any IaaS and PaaS cloud service anytime, anywhere. Universal credits provide a 33 percent savings for PaaS products, with additional discounts based on monthly commitment and term. You have the flexibility to switch services, regions, and datacenters without notifying Oracle, and the ability to consume all current and future IaaS and PaaS cloud solutions.


  • Receive a discount by committing to a minimum one-year and $1,000 USD monthly credit
  • Usage is consumed from your monthly prepaid commitment
  • Any overage is charged at the same discounted rate
  • Any unused amounts cannot be rolled over to the next month


  • Minimum 33 percent savings for PaaS products
  • Predictable spending, discounts, and complete resource flexibility
  • Consume all current and future IaaS and PaaS cloud solutions
  • Change or switch resources as needed

Shift Oracle database, middleware, and analytics licenses to the cloud with the lowest total cost of ownership.


Bring your own license (BYOL) allows you to apply your current on-premises Oracle software licenses to equivalent, highly automated Oracle PaaS services in the cloud. Licenses can be used for corresponding Oracle PaaS services for 100 percent workload compatibility and license mobility in Oracle cloud.


  • Bring existing on-premise Oracle licenses to Oracle PaaS and IaaS
  • Use with Oracle Cloud or Oracle Cloud at Customer


  • Leverage existing on-premise licenses to move to the cloud at lower cost
  • Further reduce costs from management and operations required for on-premise maintenance
  • PaaS support via existing on-premise support contract

1 Oracle Compute standard virtual machine instances comparing equivalent core count to: AWS R4; Microsoft Azure E v3; Google n1-highmem instances not including sustained usage discount.

2 Oracle Block Storage including all performance compared to: AWS EBS IO1 Provisioned IOPS with 400GB, plus 20K IOPS per month; Microsoft 4 X P30 premium disks with LRS configuration and over-provisioned capacity to get to.

3 Oracle Data Egress compared to: AWS Data Transfer Out to Internet stepped rates after 1GB free threshold; Microsoft Outbound Data Transfer stepped rates after 5GB free threshold; Google Cloud Data Egress stepped rates.