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Oracle offers a complete portfolio, from the network edge to applications, on premises, and the cloud.

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Contact Center Optimization

Streamline customer experiences, optimize agent processes, and transform networks

Dynamically manage the need to upgrade networks, drive down recurring costs, and provide industry-leading customer experiences.

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Learn about enterprise session border controllers in the contact center.

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Converged Communications

Increase Business Agility and Reduce Costs

A secure, multivendor, voice and video session delivery network can increase business agility and dramatically reduce costs.

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Oracle Converged Communications Solution

Oracle Converged Communications Solution.

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Fraud and Compliance

Reduce financial and compliance risk

Modern, scalable solutions automatically detect and stop fraudulent IP communications and record telephony sessions for compliance.

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Oracle Communications Fraud and Compliance Solution

Oracle Communications Fraud and Compliance Solution

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Internet of Things

Enable machine-to-machine and machine-to-person communications that improve process and profits

Timely messages delivered to the right resource can reduce down time, automatically order additional resources, and alert the right personnel of situations that need attention.

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Get more performance and exceptional returns with Oracle's IoT solution.

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WebRTC Enabled CX

Lead with powerful voice- and video-enabled mobile applications and web pages that will delight customers

Give customers a variety of ways to interact through web, text, audio and video before, during, and after the sale that gives them the right information on the device of their choosing.

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Learn how Oracle WebRTC and Oracle Service Cloud make a difference.

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Subscription Monetization

Rapidly launch subscription services

Take advantage of subscription commerce in the NOW Economy.

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Subscription commerce in the NOW economy.

Billing and Revenue Management
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Unified Communications

Improve Collaboration and Employee Productivity While Driving Down Costs

Deliver a secure, scalable, communications and collaboration solution that improves employee productivity for enterprises and provides extensibility for service providers.

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Maximize profitability with cloud collaboration for your business.

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