DeRoyal accurately forecasts demand using Oracle Cloud

For health products manufacturer, migrating to Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management brings new insights into customer needs.


Oracle Cloud supports our ability to more accurately forecast, helping us to quickly pivot when market conditions change to meet the needs of both our employees and our customers.

Angie SewellSenior Vice President of IT, DeRoyal


Business challenges

DeRoyal Industries is a manufacturer of healthcare products, with 1,900 employees within 2.5 million square feet across 21 facilities in 6 countries spanning 3 continents. The company, which holds nearly 100 patents across 25,000 different SKUs, is committed to improving the clinical quality and economic health of its customers.

Prior to deploying Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management, forecasting was a manual process that required reviewing each inventory item and location one by one. This was an extremely time-consuming exercise that couldn’t be completed each month. Heavily biased forecasts often led to inventory shortages that could not meet demand. In some cases, safety stock levels were kept high to avoid potential outages. Sales and marketing, along with other lines of business, had little input into forecasting, which created blind spots. Also, there was no consistent way to communicate strategic-level recommendations to management.

Why DeRoyal Chose Oracle

Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management was the natural choice to meet DeRoyal’s planning challenges. The company has a long-running relationship with Oracle, founded in its deployment of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP in 2002.

Once live, management knew that, with Oracle Cloud, the company could be self-sufficient and not require outside resources to support its users.


DeRoyal follows a best-of-breed cloud strategy to adopt better, faster, and cheaper solutions. Oracle Cloud has proven to be better than its previous manual process because new capabilities are released in regular updates. Complex, hard-to-maintain customizations are not required. The solution was deployed faster by using Oracle’s embedded best practices, along with partner Kalypso’s proven methodology. Because DeRoyal avoids both the hard and soft costs of maintaining an on-premises solution, its cloud choice is cheaper as well.

With Oracle Demand Management, forecasting now focuses on exceptions, eliminating the need to scrutinize every SKU, which accelerates and completes the overall forecasting process. Minimum IT intervention is required, allowing staff to focus on advising the business and other priorities. Demand analysis is integrated into standard monthly sales and operations planning to provide valuable insights into the shifting needs of customers. Demand analysis across all operations is aggregated into a single view to aid in collaboration at all levels of management.


Oracle partner Kalypso has extensive experience with Oracle Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing, as well as its own packaged solution for connecting Demand Management to DeRoyal’s on-premises ERP.

Veröffentlicht:March 26, 2021