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Streaming, gaming, on-demand, and second-screen experiences are becoming standard for media and entertainment companies as audiences consume what they want, when they want—wherever they are. Exceed consumer expectations and drive innovation at global scale with Oracle. From content development to production, broadcasting, over the top (OTT) services, and more, Oracle helps you uncover efficiencies and optimize resources to provide the best possible customer experience.

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Media and Entertainment features

Digital Experience for Media & Entertainment

Oracle’s Digital Experience for M&E solution enables media companies to increase share of wallet by launching new digital services and creating bundled offerings. It provides an agile, unified, and intelligent platform that allows M&E companies to personalize every interaction using their audiences’ digital profile, acquire customers with intelligent offers, engage them with an omnichannel experience, and empower them with full control over their usage experience.

Unlock the value of media data through a single view of the consumer

  • Gain a holistic view of consumers and their journey, signals, and behavior.
  • Model and predict the next, best consumer experience in real time.
  • Ideate, create, and launch services that consumers and fans demand to succeed in their businesses.

Deliver compelling consumer experiences through targeted engagement

  • Meet consumers where they are by engaging on their digital channels of choice.
  • Interact with consumers according to their preferences, and provide conversational and mobile interaction channels.
  • Understand what consumers demand, and apply adaptive intelligence for consumer-centric service innovation.

Build brand loyalty by providing a differentiated experience in every consumer interaction

  • Acquire consumers with intelligent offers and a frictionless onboarding experience.
  • Engage consumers with a single-cart, omnichannel buying experience.
  • Serve consumers with proactive care experience and full control over their usage experience, and empower employees and partners with information, tools, and innovations.

Get ahead of competitors by delivering a tailored M&E digital-experience platform

  • Create a connected and personalized experience through an intelligent and agile digital-experience platform.
  • Diversify revenue streams by launching new service offers and enabling new business models.
  • Leverage emerging technologies and deliver tomorrow’s experience today.

Digital Home Service

A breakthrough, cloud-based solution for set-top box and service-intensive pay-TV operators, Oracle’s Digital Home Service solution combines technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), mobile, chatbot, and remote video support with modern digital customer management to provide next-generation digital services for the home.

Create a differentiated experience to increase consumer retention

  • Deliver a seamless experience that will increase consumer satisfaction, promote loyalty leading to higher revenue per consumer, and reduce churn.
  • Differentiate from competitors with excellent, personalized, frictionless service.

Harness emerging technologies to reduce the cost to serve consumers

  • Utilize the power of emerging technologies, such as IoT and AI, to monitor and anticipate issues through real-time visibility and control of deployed set-top boxes.
  • Create a single, integrated service platform to simplify your consumer-service operations.

Increase employee and consumer satisfaction through automation

  • Deliver efficiencies through automated employee tasks and consumer self-service options.
  • Redirect and free up time for customer-service representatives and field-service employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

Fuel growth to meet increased consumer demand and launch new service option

  • Use IoT to create a connected home platform and offer new, smart home services to consumers, which will generate additional revenue streams and increase the stickiness of pay-TV operators in the home.
  • Scale the business to meet high consumer demand through Oracle Cloud adoption.

Empower M&E Finance Teams with Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

Learn how Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics empowers M&E finance teams and executives with best-practice, prebuilt KPIs to easily monitor financial performance. With the power of AI, Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics can accelerate processes and streamline the steps from data to decisions, delivering a unified view of the entire organization.

Simplify and standardize financial processes to turbocharge efficiencies

  • Eliminate disjointed processes in a corporate or production environment, and leverage best practices to streamline business operations through a single source of data.
  • Gain the agility to allow new business models and simplify mergers and acquisitions.

Leverage a modern, intuitive, and engaging system to delight employees

  • Deliver a modern, personalized, relevant, and engaging user interface for employees to promote the success and adoption of a new finance platform across the business, including the creation of budgets, forecasts, and financial dashboards that are relevant to users.

Drive strategic, data-driven decisions to reduce risk

  • Access a complete picture of company finances, foster data-driven decision-making, and predict possible risk.

Become critical to the business by being a trusted, strategic advisor

  • Leverage emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to give finance leaders better insights into the business, so they can become the strategic business partners their organization needs.

Smart Media Production Planning

Oracle’s Smart Media Production Planning solution helps entertainment studios and broadcasters efficiently manage studio crews and the end-to-end content production journey within the media enterprise.

Maximize content investments by using data-driven insights

  • Tap into valuable and relevant own and competitive insights to make the right investment decisions.
  • Create complex, production-budget simulations for forecasted costs and revenues, and identify the best scenario in which to invest.
  • Gain up-to-the-minute production-accounting visibility through real-time, multiperspective planning and profitability tools.

Optimize production-crew resourcing and productivity

  • Attract the best, creative contractors in the industry with the company’s own crew marketplace.
  • Empower producers with modern and robust production- and AI-enabled resource planning tools, and simplify resource contingency issues resolution.
  • Enhance crew-member experience with access to relevant information and administrative processes through a mobile app.

Boost production-process efficiencies and fuel profitability

  • Improve financial transparency by tracking the performance of the media franchise with true production costs and revenue KPIs in real time.
  • Reduce content investment risks by learning from past content investments and performance to make future content investments.
  • Optimize resources with maximized productivity and reduced production downtime.

Leverage blockchain technology to innovate studio-crew resourcing

  • Create a marketplace of vetted production suppliers using a blockchain-based, trusted media-crew network of immutable supplier records.
  • Track the best contractors with up-to-date feedback ratings and validated competencies from trusted peers and external parties.
  • Increase crew satisfaction with simplified and automated administrative tasks.

Deliver Human Experience at Work

Deliver the experiences employees expect using familiar technologies that empower them to do their best work. Engaging with the system is as easy as a natural conversation, through a voice-based UI and a digital assistant that provide quick answers and execute processes from any device. Guided step-by-step workflows make once-complex transactions simple and intuitive. And the experience is personalized, supporting each user with relevant content, insights, and actions to drive productivity.

Identify, attract, and hire the best talent to stay ahead of the competition

  • Simplify the hiring process of new candidates through social media, and enable the matching of candidates to job requirements to make the overall hiring processes easier. Attracting the best talent is critical to M&E companies, as talent defines the quality of content or the services offered to consumers.

Maximize talent development to increase employee satisfaction

  • Invest in personnel development, and create a digital workplace to maximize productivity and collaboration. Companies can also align incentives to performance and reduce risk through succession planning.

Enhance the employee experience to improve employee engagement

  • Ease onboarding, training, and social collaboration processes with the use of personalized, digital tools, and provide a digital workplace that enhances the overall employee experience.

Make better business decisions with real-time insight through built-in AI

  • Make faster, smarter decisions to drive business transformation with built-in AI. AI can recommend roles, suggest learning, and predict which employees might be thinking of leaving the company.

Create impactful experiences consumers remember and return to

  • Understand who your audiences are and how to reach them

    Make sure your digital ads are seen by people—not bots—so you know for certain if your advertising is meeting your objectives.

  • Create a single, dynamic view of your consumers

    Combine online, offline, and third-party data with AI and machine learning to create a consistent brand experience across marketing, sales, and service.

  • Fuel growth through direct-to-consumer models at scale

    Monetize any business model at scale with the flexibility and capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Deliver a connected event experience guests won’t forget

    Give guests the ability to define their own journey onsite, and create a connected experience they can enjoy before, during, and after the event.

“Oracle Cloud was the obvious choice for Premier League to be able to give fans worldwide a game-changing new experience.”

Richard Masters

Premier League Chief Executive

Unlock innovation through data-driven, direct-to-consumer models

  • Get more value from your consumer data investment

    Generate actionable data across every customer touchpoint to personalize the consumer experience.

  • Innovate and automate with emerging technologies

    Transform consumer engagement and open up new business models with IoT, AI, blockchain, machine learning, and chatbots.

  • Get performance, reliability, and security at a global scale

    Move, build, and run all your global media workloads on a secure, high-performance environment with Oracle Cloud Regions.

  • Increase efficiencies by simplifying financial processes

    Drive finance transformation through evolving value chains to gain greater visibility and insight into corporate and production financials.

Discover how Oracle helps media and entertainment companies innovate

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