PeopleSoft Transformations to Cloud

Move for a flexible cloud that reduces your PeopleSoft total cost of ownership

PeopleSoft users are looking to the cloud to reduce costs and improve the performance of their deployment. On-premises environments can require significant amounts of local maintenance and upkeep, especially with custom stacks. By moving to the cloud, organizations can experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased overall performance
  • Freeing IT staff from patching and maintenance tasks
  • Greater ability for agility and innovation
  • Overall cost savings

Businesses that migrate their PeopleSoft workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can take advantage of all these benefits, even for complex, custom deployments. Read how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers flexibility and stability, which lead to higher performance at a lower cost.

Run PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Transformation success: Run PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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