OCI best practices by use case

Simplify your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) adoption across a range of workloads. From planning to implementation, unlock OCI’s potential with guides, architectures, videos, and automation scripts.

GPU monitoring and machine learning operations

NVIDIA stack deployment

Description Resource type
NVIDIA DGX Cloud Oracle Cloud Marketplace
NVIDIA AI Enterprise Oracle Cloud Marketplace
NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Oracle Cloud Marketplace
NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation Oracle Cloud Marketplace
NVIDIA GPU Cloud Machine Image: A GPU-accelerated platform optimized for deep learning and scientific computing Oracle Cloud Marketplace
NVIDIA cuQuantum Appliance Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Migrate workloads

Description Resource type
OCI Migration Hub: Container to OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes OCI Migration Hub

Improve resiliency

Description Resource type
How to autoscale OCI Container Instances Reference architecture

Modernize data management


Improve resiliency

Description Resource type
Resiliency, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery Solution playbook

Manage costs

Modernize data management


Deploy and manage


Plan and design

An introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security and the shared responsibility model

Prepare a secure environment with landing zones

Assess the state of the security of your tenancy

Cyber-resilience capabilities in OCI

Description Resource type
Incorporate cyber-resilience capabilities Iinto your OCI tenancy Reference architecture and Ask the Architects webinar

Migrate data securely

Description Resource type
Data migration tools Oracle.com

Zero trust security

Preventive services

Manage access to your cloud tenancy

Description Resource type
Adopt identity domains (PDF) Technical brief

Check encryption

Set up your network firewall

Description Resource type
Secure your network with OCI Network Firewall Reference architecture

Secure your workloads in security zones

Description Resource type
Set up security zones Reference architecture

Modernize application security

Assure the quality of code and deployment security (DevSecOps)

Description Resource type
Use Linux for DevSecOps (PDF) Technical brief

Protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks

Detective services

Protect your OCI tenancy from threats and improve security resilience

Description Resource type
Manage threats with Oracle Cloud Guard Documentation

Monitor for vulnerabilities

Description Resource type
Set up OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service (PDF) Technical brief

External security information and event management (SIEM) integration

Response services

Monitor for misconfigurations and respond to security threats and vulnerabilities



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