Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) from Oracle

Oracle Utilities DERMS models, monitors, optimizes, dispatches, and manages all types of distributed energy resources (DERs), including customer and third-party–owned resources.

Get visibility and control over enrolled customer DERs.

Oracle Utilities DERMS

For utilities seeing or anticipating high distributed energy resource (DER) penetration systemwide, a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) can turn DER intermittency into a dispatchable grid resource that supports reliability and efficiency goals.

Anticipate DER behavior

With several DER profiles to choose from, users can quickly model DER assets within the network model to support power flow state estimation and other ADMS features.

Give operators the power to procure

Whether on a day- or hour-ahead basis, distribution grid operators can schedule and dispatch nominated DER capacity to realize system reliability and safety benefits.

Optimize for efficiency

Improve DER capacity allocation and dispatch to deploy DER capacity where it’s needed most for system reliability, with optional network optimization for added operational efficiency.

Real-time, adaptive control

Realize better network efficiency through predefined switching plans that are activated based on SCADA values and modeled DER capacity.

Unlocking value through markets

Accept and process bids for DER-based energy and services based on principles of access.

Oracle Utilities DERMS solutions

01Standalone DERMS

Leverage our integration and optimization capabilities to get the benefits of DERMS without having to replace your advanced distribution management system (ADMS).

Learn about our standalone solution (PDF)

02Integrated ADMS and DERMS

Deploy DERMS as an extension to Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) to realize bundled ADMS and DERMS cost savings.

Learn about our integrated solution (PDF)

The Grid Guy: How could a DERM portal change the power grid?

Brad Williams, Vice President, Oracle Utilities Industry Strategy

There are millions of smart thermostats in search of a leader. And there are millions more of these smart devices on the edge of the electric grid generating power or charging—all waiting on direction for a higher purpose.

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Oracle Utilities DERMS Solution

Read the solution brief on our standalone DERMS offering.

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