Heavy Reading report: Cloud native 5G core operator survey

Success with new 5G services will be dependent on the strength and agility of the network core, particularly the network functions communications service providers (CSPs) use to build it. In this report published by Heavy Reading, CSP workers were surveyed to determine the current industry climate around the cloud native 5G core and the end user services it enables. Here are some of the key findings:

  • 64% of respondents expect the 5G core to produce clear benefits to the customer experience. 5G SA will help service providers be more agile in how they introduce and enable new services, due in part to capabilities such as network APIs.
  • 66% say their company will introduce a new core for 5G. Even though 35% of respondents anticipate using existing IP Multimedia Subsystems for 5G voice and messaging, the majority of respondents are looking ahead to future use cases and, anticipating the complexities their network must support, favor using a new 5G core to future-proof their business strategy.
  • Only 6% expect to work with a single vendor partner. A multivendor approach enables CSPs to ensure they’re building their networks with the best solutions to meet their unique needs, and some CSPs are looking to vendors to support new revenue streams.