Exact Ventures names Oracle a leader in 5G signaling

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Oracle named a market leader in 5G signaling in Q2 2023 signaling report

In the second quarter of 2023, Oracle has been named a leader in best-of-breed signaling solutions, with a 40% share of the worldwide market. Exact Ventures anticipates continued market growth as the total 5G signaling market will reach US$280 million in 2023 due to operators increasingly pursuing revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies directly enabled by a 5G SA core.

Download the full report to learn why Exact Ventures has named Oracle a leader in 5G signaling and get insights into:

  • The current and projected 5G signaling network function market
  • 5G SA signaling network components: the Binding Support Function (BSF), the Service Communications Proxy (SCP), and the Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP)
  • Oracle’s year-over-year growth in 5G signaling market share