Appledore Solution Profile for Oracle Unified Operations

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Appledore Solution Profile for Oracle Unified Operations: Innovation and automation for cross-domain service orchestration

Communications service providers (CSPs) are identifying myriad new revenue opportunities, from IoT to private 5G to digital services. But monetization success will depend on their ability to combine communications capabilities quickly and inexpensively with those of industrial and commercial verticals.

Cross-domain service orchestration is the single process that will create these new end-to-end services and unlock incremental revenues. Orchestration must facilitate the agile combination of pre-existing services from within a telco and from many external partners.

Through example case studies, including eir, Vodafone India, Vodafone UK, and other customers, learn how standards-based Oracle Unified Operations can enable cross-domain orchestration, closing the loop across domains while keeping complexity and integration costs in check.