5G Monetization Readiness: Are CSPs prepared to charge for 5G?

The commercial launch of 5G is ramping up with more than 150 deployments worldwide as of 2021. We surveyed 300 industry executives from communications service providers (CSPs) across the globe about their 5G readiness, their plans to monetize new 5G offerings, and the capabilities required from converged charging systems. Download the report for the full details.

5G Readiness Report preview

5G will be widely deployed by 2022

Worldwide, service providers are on an accelerated 5G timeline. 73% of respondents have already launched 5G networks this year—or plan to.

Advanced 5G services are a critical focus

On average, respondents plan to launch three advanced 5G services in addition to basic broadband. Almost half plan to launch smart home applications.

Charging is the highest system upgrade priority

Over the next 18 months, charging is the highest monetization investment priority for respondents, with more than half of them making significant investments in charging to prepare for 5G.

Support for multiple network generations and payment models is key

As 5G will likely run alongside legacy 4G and 3G networks for some time to come, it’s unsurprising that respondents ranked “compatibility across network generations” as the most important characteristic of a converged charging system.

Why CSPs need the right software partner for 5G monetization

CSPs recognize they need to rethink current charging systems to fully capitalize on the revenue potential of 5G. Converged charging will help monetize any business model and complex 5G pricing levers, such as speed, latency, and quality of experience, but it must be a cloud based, full-featured solution to deliver on those capabilities.

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