Oracle acquires Federos, empowering service providers with AI-optimized service and network assurance, analytics, and automated orchestration

Jason Rutherford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Applications

In the not-so-distant past, communications networks were made up of boxes connected by cables, monitored manually by humans, and offering “best efforts” connectivity with no firm guarantees of performance especially for mobile services. These physical machines and networks were expensive to run, slow to change, and generated minimal data and insights. Fortunately, modern communications networks have introduced a new generation of technology addressing these issues. Such networks are increasingly software-driven, cloud-based, disaggregated in nature and voluminous in event generation. Operating such a complex multi-vendor network environment requires sophisticated monitoring and assurance capabilities that support both traditional physical networks and programmable cloud-based networks.

For service providers and large enterprises, managing these networks typically involves multiple, often proprietary, network management software tools from different vendors. In addition to a fragmented set of tools, it can result in siloed views of network performance with little to no visibility into end-to-end performance across network domains. Lacking such visibility, service providers often struggle to deliver, manage, and monetize end-to-end network services, such as enterprise data services and 5G network slicing, against customer agreed performance guarantees.

Delivering that end-to-end network and service assurance to enable service providers and large enterprises to increase operational efficiency and lower costs is one of the main drivers for the acquisition of Federos by Oracle. Federos is a leading provider of cloud-enabled, AI-optimized network assurance, analytics, and automation software that monitors and manages the performance of critical networks and services. Federos leverages a dynamic view of inventory, network automation for self-healing, auto-scaling, and closed loop control of services to intelligently re-configure customer and network services throughout their lifecycle guaranteeing SLA compliance.

Federos’ Assure1 solution provides many important capabilities complementary to Oracle’s robust communications portfolio, including:

  • A single, unified platform to monitor and assure all network and IT infrastructure and services
  • Data-driven assurance capabilities supporting open and scalable collection of unfiltered, diverse, real-time telemetry and historical network data
  • Network management that combines fault, performance, and universal topology into a single platform
  • Event analytics used by machine learning to drive intelligent, actionable outcomes
  • Assurance reporting and visualization  

Completed on December 23, 2021, the acquisition will be incorporated into Oracle Communications’ Service and Network Orchestration portfolio. Together, this will offer customers an enhanced operations automation solution to design, configure, monitor, and manage next-generation networks. The combined portfolio delivers robust orchestration capabilities to fulfill and assure rich communications services including 5G. With the addition of Federos, we are thrilled to continue to support the availability and performance of mission critical networks as service providers and enterprises evolve their communications networks.

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