TM Forum report: The role of network-as-a-service in future connectivity

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5G, cloud, and programmable networks are transforming the way CSPs build and operate networks and services. When these networks are layered on top of modern business and operations systems, CSPs have a powerful telco cloud and application stack that truly enables them to offer on-demand network services. For many CSPs, network as a service (NaaS) is critical to their telco-to-techco transformation and foundational to their evolution into platform service providers. In this ebook, TM Forum defines the technology and gets to the heart of its role in digital transformation. Download the full report for insights into:

  • Building and deploying intent-driven, automated networking
  • How NaaS is a digital enabler, allowing CSPs to deliver on-demand network services to enterprises and developer ecosystems
  • Driving and standardizing NaaS
  • How NaaS is helping to enable connectivity with zero-touch partnering