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Oracle Solution Center (OSC) is a flagship program with state-of-the-art systems, technology and customer-experience sites around the world. At the OSC, customers design, architect, and validate their specific solutions with Oracle Cloud, Cloud@Customer, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and On Premises systems in a secure, scalable, and interoperable environment. OSC partners with ISVs, IHVs, MSPs, NSPs, SIs, VARs, and VADs to meet customers solution needs.

With several thousand engagements a year, OSC offers carefully designed services to aid customers choices and modernize in the cloud. OSC has a broad array of experts, and competencies to reduce complexity, infuse industry best practices, and help Oracle customers with all deployment models and industry workloads. Our services are geared to shorten sales cycles, reduce time to market, and accelerate customer architecture/design decisions.

All Services, Oracle Solution Center is offering, are available in face-to-face or virtual format.

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For any customer journey, workload, and deployment scenario

Architecture design and capacity planning

The Oracle Solution Center is focused to respond to customer requirements with optimal architectures for Oracle Applications and top tier ISVs. Main services consist of customer presentation, solution architecture development, system configuration and sizing for Cloud, Cloud at Customer, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, or On Premises solutions

Customer briefing and demonstration

In combination with Customer Visit Center, the Oracle Solution Center offers a state-of-the-art environment for showcasing Oracle technologies, Cloud Services, and for demonstrating specific solutions. With the participation of Oracle executives, the Oracle Solution Center provides highly customized technology, product and Cloud Services briefing sessions for customers.


At the Oracle Solution Center you can "Meet the Experts" for working sessions on specific technologies providing customers and partners with in-depth understanding through hands-on experience. This service is available for Cloud, Cloud at Customer, Hybrid and Multi Cloud, as well as for On Premises solutions.


The Oracle Solution Center offers state-of-the-art systems, software, and expertise to support the customer's solution development requirements. Oracle experts work with customers to prototype their solution architectures and prove those solutions will work in realistic scenarios on real-world systems. This service is available for every deployment scenario from Cloud, Cloud at Customer, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions and On Premises.

Performance and scalability testing

The Oracle Solution Center offers help with production system requirements, to test and tune system performance and scalability to ensure that solutions meet customer requirements now and in the future. This service is available for Cloud, Cloud at Customer, Hybrid and Multi Cloud, as well as for On Premises solutions.

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