NASPO ValuePoint Contract AR2487 – Cloud Solutions

Master Agreement administered by the State of Utah, as the Lead State

  • NASPO ValuePoint reference number: AR2487
  • Oracle reference number: US-GMA-1301562 (AR2487)
  • Contract Term: March 1, 2017 – September 15, 2026
  • NASPO ValuePoint Website for Master Agreement: NASPO ValuePoint - Oracle Contract AR2487

NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Participating Addenda

Oracle Service Specifications

Oracle Ordering Instructions

For Oracle direct orders, or to request quote, please see the "Oracle Contacts" above. You may also contact the Oracle Center Operations Team to "Request A Quote" by calling: 888-672-2534. (Oracle's Business Development Group will route request appropriately.)

Customer Support Hotline:
1-800-223-1711 or My Oracle Support