Oracle Mission Critical Support for SaaS

Oracle Mission Critical Support for SaaS is a comprehensive functional support solution to assist customers with efficient operations of their SaaS environments. Our experienced help desk team coupled with critical process management, support of extensions and integrations, functional regression testing, and end-to-end service governance by a designated technical account manager helps enterprises achieve their business goals with Oracle SaaS applications.

Michelin’s Oracle Cloud Journey toward Innovation and Efficiency

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  • Maximize potential

    Access the full power of Oracle SaaS applications through the fast uptake of ongoing product updates and efficient management of cloud process flows and integrations.

  • Accelerate adoption

    Hasten application adoption and increase the productivity, satisfaction, and confidence of your functional users through expert 24/7 business help desk support.

  • Increase agility

    Achieve your business performance goals and operate your SaaS solution efficiently with streamlined service governance by your designated technical account manager.

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“Going live is just the beginning. As we embark on the journey of continuous improvement together, we are very grateful to have Customer Success Services as our partner.”

Philip Tan Chief Financial Officer, IMC Industrial Group

Explore Oracle Mission Critical Support for SaaS

  • Business help desk

    Get timely and targeted functional support with SLAs to quickly address service requests without building your own internal technical help desk. Improve SaaS adoption and business efficiency with hands-on configuration assistance for users, functions, and batch jobs.

  • Critical process management

    Achieve your business SLAs with extra support for your most important SaaS business processes during crucial events, including 24/7 management, monitoring, resolution, and proactive oversight, to help ensure peak performance.

  • Integration support

    Gain agility and functionality through operational assistance and break-fix support for any Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)/PaaS components that interact with your Oracle SaaS applications. Maintain integrations, extensions, and APIs to help ensure data is accurately exchanged across systems.

  • Regression testing

    Innovate and quickly take advantage of new SaaS features through comprehensive testing as a service and change management oversight. Minimize the impact of updates to key business process workflows and customizations in your SaaS production environment.

Why choose Mission Critical Support for SaaS?

  • Boost user productivity

    Provide your business users and technical team with the assistance they need to be productive and embrace new SaaS functionalities quickly.

  • Maximize performance

    Execute your business-critical processes, such as financial closing or payroll, faster and with confidence, backed by an extra layer of support.

  • Peace of mind

    Avoid any unexpected change effects on your applications, such as after SaaS update cycles or extension and integration upgrades.

  • Continuous innovation

    Quickly leverage new SaaS features and functionalities to improve your key business processes and outpace your competition.

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