ACTSIS adopts a new business model by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The IT service provider uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to offer its products via a SaaS model, increasing the size of its market.


With our products offered in a SaaS model, we have discharged our customers from the costs and risks of managing their own infrastructure. We’ve improved security, response times, and availability, while allowing for agile and gradual growth.

Ivan SarmientoTechnology Manager, ACTSIS

Based in Colombia, ACTSIS provides IT solutions to utility companies in the energy sector. The company wanted to explore new ways to deliver its services to small and medium-sized businesses, which would require the support of a cloud service for applications and databases. The company chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), because it allowed ACTSIS to host and manage its customers' solutions while avoiding additional costs. With OCI, ACTSIS increased its portfolio of services, widened its potential target market, and freed its customers from the costs and risks of managing their own data centers. The company also increased monthly product billing by 5% since the migration.

Published:May 10, 2024