BenjiMed lowers costs to run its health management platform by 25% using OCI

The cloud-based platform for hospital and public-health management also gets access to AI capabilities, strong security, and clear pricing.


Oracle understood that our solution can’t stop. We migrated nine years of work in just two days.

Leandro Claudino BarbosaCEO, BenjiMED

Business challenges

BenjiMed’s software supports hospital management and public health management, with the aim to improve patient health in Brazil. The company’s software helps hospital and public health administrators improve the speed of service and increase transparency and productivity of health services, while reducing costs.

To deliver its cloud-based software, BenjiMed needed better predictability of costs, while maintaining security and reliability and accessing new innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI).

In the minutes it took you read this text, more than 2,200 patients were treated through our platform.

Leandro Claudino BarbosaCEO, BenjiMED

Why BenjiMED chose Oracle

BenjiMed needed a cloud infrastructure partner that understood its challenges of providing public and private health customers with the best value, without having to account for exchange rate variations. The company chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run its software-as-a-service applications. The business provides its cloud services to customers ranging from individual hospitals to entire cities, so it needed a partner that would provide the capability to scale up and down with growth, while always maintaining security.


With the implementation of OCI, the company installed its hospital module entirely in software-as-a-service mode for small and large hospitals. With BenjiMed applications on OCI, companies can implement the applications immediately and serve patients in less than 24 hours, with all the application’s billing and workflow control capability. Using OCI, BenjiMed reduced costs 25%, even while increasing the server capacity it used and gaining performance capabilities.

OCI's AI tools helped the company evolve its software, such as applying AI to data analysis related to medical records, exams, and x-rays. The company is also applying AI to assisting medical regulators and auditors in their decision-making. With the Oracle team’s support, BenjiMed migrated more than 2 terabytes of data and millions of GBs of files to OCI in two days.

Oracle also provides trusted security for the company’s sensitive patient data, with a strict daily backup policy. With OCI, the company is confident it can serve small clinics to entire states, knowing that OCI will support its growth.

Published:February 9, 2024

About the customer

For more than a decade, BenjiMED has excelled in the healthcare software sector, providing solutions that have a positive impact on patient care and contribute to efficient healthcare management. Its tools are an essential ally for the professionals who use it.