Blacksmith Research improves service performance by 25% with OCI

The technology company migrates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to optimize data transformation and ingestion processes, bolstering its services.


One of the great contributions we see working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the ability to do more with less, a benefit that translates into a significant improvement in our operational efficiency.

Juan Carlos OchoaCEO, Blacksmith Research

Blacksmith Research offers market research insights and analysis to help businesses understand consumer and shopper behavior and purchase patterns. It studies how those behaviors and patterns impact sales. With a focus on data, Blacksmith Research needed a cloud platform that would improve the performance of its systems and integrate capabilities, from descriptive analytics to advanced analytics on a single platform. The company decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) after witnessing substantial performance improvements over its previous environment during a proof of concept. With OCI, the company optimized its data ingestion processes, which resulted in a 25% improvement in performance.

Published:June 7, 2024