Boon Software optimizes warehouse management for logistics companies using OCI


Today’s consumers are savvy, with expectations that are pushing the logistics industry to deliver solutions with security, speed, accuracy, and reliability. Symphony anticipates and responds to these needs by partnering with Oracle, leveraging OCI to deliver world-class logistics technologies solutions to the largest 3PLs globally.

Dan BoonDirector, Boon Software

Business challenges

Third-party logistics companies provide warehousing and transportation services tailored to the supply chain requirements of their clients. In the wake of unprecedented supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19, those organizations increasingly invested in digital warehouse automation, mobile technologies, and warehouse management systems to remain competitive.

For more than 30 years, global logistics companies have trusted Boon Software to help them plan, automate, and address challenges all along their global supply chains. The company originally delivered its solutions in a tailored on-premises implementation model. Because each project required dedicated on-site consultants, the company’s ability to implement quickly and expand globally was limited. Consequently, Boon Software’s leadership recognized the need to move to a SaaS model that would ensure customers could adopt their solutions more easily anywhere in the world, while also experiencing the highest levels of availability, accessibility, and security. To make that happen, Boon Software needed a technology provider that would not only offer cloud infrastructure but also enable the company to  develop and deliver a more robust logistics suite.

By partnering with Oracle to offer Symphony Cloud WMS on OCI, we provide a security-first cloud infrastructure for our clients’ critical enterprise workloads.

Dan BoonDirector, Boon Software

Why Boon Software chose Oracle

Boon Software became an Oracle partner in 2020, using core technologies such as Oracle Database and MongoDB for its database management systems. The company was offering Symphony SaaS solutions via AWS for years and piloted Symphony Cloud WMS on Oracle when Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was launched. OCI was proven to be secure, reliable, and efficient, based on the results of the pilot.

Boon Software decided to migrate to Oracle Enterprise Database Service in addition to OCI to take advantage of Oracle’s technological capabilities for load balancing, cloud native containers, autonomous database management, and powerful analytics to support Symphony Cloud WMS continuous innovation framework.

The advanced security capabilities within OCI, extended to clients within Symphony Cloud Warehouse Management System, enable third-party logistics companies globally to take an active approach to cybersecurity.


After migrating Symphony Cloud WMS to OCI, Boon Software offered a modern, customer-focused SaaS subscription model that reduced time to market and lowered internal IT support costs. Those benefits were passed on to clients, who experienced an improved user experience, predictable pricing, and up to 30% lower costs.

OCI boosted technical staff’s ability to scale in an optimal cost structure. For example, when a customer announced plans to increase warehouse transaction activity by 60%, Boon Software scaled up both its compute and database resources quickly. This not only enabled the company to control costs better, but to also expand into new markets by offering competitively priced services to both large and small third-party logistics providers.

With Oracle Security, Identity, and Compliance, Boon Software can meet the strict security and compliance requirements of its customers, internal security teams, and the industry. Oracle Security Zones helped technical staff enforce the company’s security posture on OCI cloud compartments and prevent actions that could weaken the organization’s security posture. OCI’s Cloud Advisor features a dashboard that provides an overview of potential cost savings and security improvements in tenancies.

Based on the success of its initial OCI implementation, Boon Software deployed Symphony Mobility Solutions for omnichannel retail on OCI, migrating data from MongoDB to Oracle Autonomous JSON Database with MongoDB API Support. This all-in-one enterprise mobile application improved customer satisfaction and profitability. Security and performance improved while development and maintenance were simplified with automated database activities such as provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, and repairing.

Published:April 26, 2023

About the customer

Boon Software is a global supply chain and logistics solutions company specializing in the development and business integration of logistics execution technology services in the cloud.