BRK optimizes operations and service with Oracle Cloud

The Brazilian sanitation company uses Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service to efficiently scale operations and support its 17 business units.


Among the main benefits offered by Oracle Field Service are the possibility of better controlling the time spent on daily activities, optimizing task execution, and better organizing the field team’s performance. As for Oracle B2C Service, it advanced the journey toward an omnichannel customer service, since it integrated several channels with a 360-degree view of the customer.

Patrizia MonelleIT Executive Manager, BRK Ambiental

Business challenges

BRK is one of the largest private sanitation companies in Brazil, operating in more than 100 municipalities in the country and providing services that benefit more than 16 million people. With modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, BRK operates in water and sewage services management and in the development of several environmental solutions for a wide range of demands.

One of BRK's main challenges was combating repetitive activities carried out by the marketing and field teams. The manual processes were not only resource-intensive, but the company had no system in place to meet the different characteristics of each region where the company operates. Each region has varying business rules and regulatory frameworks that require constant refinement of system configurations.

BRK needed a new tool that could adapt to each region. This would assist in process standardization, service monitoring, as well as allow a view of the client's requests to improve the service. Finally, during early execution of the project, the pandemic emerged, forcing BRK to adapt to remote work and focus on decentralized teams.

Why BRK chose Oracle

BRK reviewed solutions that would support new workforce trends and allow for efficient operational scaling for its dispersed business units.

The company selected Oracle B2C Service for its omnichannel potential, which would give BRK a 360-degree view of its relationships with customers and deliver faster service. BRK also realized that the native integration of its CRM with Oracle Field Service, as well as the customization ability would best meet the needs of its business.

Oracle Field Service features native integration with CRM systems, in addition to customization possibilities that align with BRK's business needs.


BRK realized several benefits after implementing Oracle Field Service, such as improved operational efficiency, optimized task execution, and more organized performance within the field team. In addition, centralizing project information in one system brought better customer service. Analysis of data generated by the company's operations also now flows in a smarter and more organized way, allowing the company to detect errors, bottlenecks, and opportunities in projects.

Oracle Field Service helped to ensure more efficiency for the production, planning, and control department at BRK by allowing process automation and changes to the employee activity grid. The automation of  previously manual activities led to an increase in productivity and the ability for staff to focus on knowledge building and other activities.

Using Oracle Field Service, the production, planning, and control department registered a reduction of 13% in non-productive time in 2022 compared to the previous year, while the travel time from one service to another was optimized by 12%.

Using Oracle B2C Service, BRK accelerated the journey toward omnichannel customer service and established a 360-degree view of the customer relationship, from store and call center staff to field agents interacting with customers.

Currently, Oracle B2C Service is used by more than 2,000 users at BRK. The system is implemented in 17 units of the company; and in volume of services during 2022 and 2023, BRK registered 4,570,455 service orders with the help of the solution.


BRK selected Oracle Consulting Services to implement Oracle Field Service and Oracle B2C Service. In addition to Oracle Consulting Services, there was support from Logic, a partner that worked on the integration with BRK's legacy system.

Published:October 20, 2023

About the customer

BRK is one of the largest private sanitation companies in Brazil, offering services that benefit millions of people in all regions of the country.