ByMyCell sees faster performance and lower costs with Oracle Cloud

Using high performance computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the genomics startup reduces costs by 20X.


Oracle takes only 24 hours to release orders for new computing resources. With our previous cloud provider, the process took a week. This speed is essential for delivering projects at the speed demanded by the customer.

Rafael Silva-RochaFounder and CTO, ByMyCell

Business challenges

ByMyCell is a genomics startup that provides genomic sequencing services to companies, universities, and research institutes. With the goal of accelerating Brazil's R&D sector in biotechnology, the company also serves major agribusiness customers.

Despite the global expansion of genomics, growth in Brazil was limited by a lack of robust computing infrastructure for generating data, DNA sequencing, and analyzing large volumes of information. Until then, the genetics industry in the country had only a few solutions limited to data generation, and each company had its own IT infrastructure, making the process inefficient.

Identifying this market gap, ByMyCell saw the opportunity to create a product that would cover the entire customer journey. It would deliver not only data generation but also efficient processing and analysis of this information. However, the company needed to find a partner with extensive computational power that would be capable of processing and storing large volumes of data at a cost that wouldn't impact the company’s business model.

Why ByMyCell chose Oracle

After joining the Oracle for Startups program, ByMyCell gained access to High Performance Computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Oracle provided more up-to-date technology compared to the company’s previous cloud provider. Also, Oracle offered pricing in local currency, giving the startup operational predictability at the end of the month without concerns about dollar fluctuations. 

ByMyCell could transfer, store, and manage a large volume of data to the cloud at no additional cost. Also, Oracle for Startups provided technical support to help the company migrate, process, and analyze data on Oracle HPC.


With High Performance Computing (HPC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the startup enjoyed shorter wait times for computing resource requests. While the former cloud provider took a week to respond to a request, OCI took just 24 hours to release new capabilities, allowing the startup to deliver genomic sequencing at the speed demanded by its customers.

Adopting Oracle Cloud also resulted in significant cost savings for ByMyCell. By migrating its processing to the cloud, the startup reduced expenses by 20X compared with an on-premises server environment. OCI's scalability also helped the company scale up and deploy multiple machines to process and analyze the accumulated data volume from its previous cloud provider, ensuring timely analysis and avoiding delays.

Flexibility was another OCI benefit. ByMyCell adjusted CPU and memory use according to the task at hand, making it possible to provision more CPUs and reduce memory usage. With its previous cloud provider, the company had to scale both CPU and memory, which increased costs.

Published:April 17, 2024

About the customer

ByMyCell is a biotechnology company that is working to strengthen the bioeconomy in Brazil through genomics.