Cohere and Oracle partnership brings generative AI solutions to enterprises

Cohere aims to train and deploy its generative AI models on OCI to provide high levels of security, performance, and business value.


Cohere has chosen Oracle Cloud to allow customers to embed generative AI seamlessly and securely into their businesses to solve their most pressing challenges. OCI provides the best supercomputing on the face of the planet, plus the database that dramatically improves accuracy and provides an intuitive way to search and understand our models.

Aidan GomezCEO and Cofounder, Cohere

Cohere is a leading generative AI technology company for enterprises. To make large language models more relevant, reliable, and trustworthy, the AI models need to provide better access to data sources of truth. Cohere chose to train and deploy its models on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to take advantage of a complete, end-to-end platform for generative AI, with advanced security, best-in-class data management, and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud applications.

OCI’s cluster GPU is uniquely positioned to run AI workloads at the highest performance and lowest cost. Plus, Oracle’s vector database allows for better semantic search without moving data.

Published:March 12, 2024