Coopeagropal increases system performance by 30% by migrating to OCI

The Costa Rican cooperative transforms its data management strategy with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, bringing more operational agility.


Our operating system improved significantly with Oracle Cloud. Now we can manage data in an agile and secure manner from any location and device.

Jhonny VivasIT Manager, Coopeagropal

Coopeagropal is a Costa Rican agriculture cooperative that produces products from African palm oil for commercial and industrial use, operating with a network of over 600 partners. The cooperative was struggling with data security and access because its data was not centralized nor automated, and backup required additional resources and time. Coopeagropal decided to migrate its systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) due to its high availability, storage capacity, advanced compute performance, and competitive cost. Additionally, Oracle’s ongoing technical support would help ensure a smooth transition. With OCI, Coopeagropal increased system performance by 30%, resulting in faster accounting closing processes. Data is now centrally located and more secure, helping to greatly reduce the risk of data loss.

Published:May 24, 2024