Deinsa Global offers more stable and secure services by migrating to OCI

The software development and consulting company turns to OCI to better manage its offerings for private and public sector clients.


We were able to optimize the resources and efficiency of our customers' operations, thanks to the uninterrupted availability that OCI provided us.

Andrés Alvarado BarrantesQuality Assurance Manager, Deinsa Global

Based in Colombia, Deinsa Global is a software development and consulting company that provides planning, operations, risk management, and business intelligence solutions throughout Latin America. The company wanted to adopt cloud services to better manage its platforms and service offerings. It decided to migrate its platforms and data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) due to OCI’s highly available, flexible overlay virtual network, which would help the company develop scalable and secure solutions that handle sensitive information in the public and private sectors. With OCI, Deinsa Global gained more consistent operations and better end-to-end security of its systems, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a 10% increase in its customer base.

Published:May 24, 2024