Golden Cross improves customer service with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud, health insurance company efficiently integrates data sources, and reduces software costs.


With better-quality information generated by Oracle Analytics Cloud, we can conduct more accurate analyses, predict scenarios, and act more quickly in case of problems. This way, we improve our service, positively impacting our customers.

Luiz Beraldo ReisSystems Manager, Golden Cross

Business challenges

Considered a pioneering health insurance company in Brazil, Golden Cross serves about 500,000 beneficiaries nationwide. The company carries out approximately 1.5 million consultations and 6.5 million tests per year. All of these procedures are performed in more than 1,000 hospitals, 18,000 laboratories and 23,000 clinics and offices across the country.

With an enormous amount of data to manage, Golden Cross wanted to centrally process the data for the entire company. Previously, each department used a different analytics tool, without any integration among them. In addition to disparate data to analyze, the company faced high costs to license each tool.

Why Golden Cross chose Oracle

The company was already a longtime Oracle ERP customer, so it wanted to continue its relationship with Oracle. In addition, company leaders realized that Oracle Analytics Cloud featured intelligent data management, modeling, and analysis, all consolidated on a single dashboard.


After implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud, Golden Cross could increase the number of users by almost 200% without worrying about costs or functionality restrictions. With its previous software, the company had to pay for each usage license. With Oracle, the company pays only for the cloud resources consumed. As a result, Golden Cross’s costs for purchasing and maintaining software dropped by nearly 50% once it stopped paying for multiple analytics tools.

Oracle Analytics also allowed Golden Cross to integrate various sources of structured and unstructured data into a single environment. Via a single dashboard, the company could visualize information from sources such as CRM, bots, email, website, and even its telephony center. For example, teams could quickly check the average customer service wait time or how many customers used chatbots. The company could also predict time periods when customers most frequently contacted operators, in order to better allocate system processing capacity.

Oracle Analytics platform also helped Golden Cross perform predictive analyses to allow managers to make more-informed decisions. The company carries out detailed analyses using dashboards, which generate more complete reports and help the insurer authorize use of medical services, directly impacting customer service.


Golden Cross relied on partner E-Novasys consultancy for the implementation. The project deadline was four months and was completed on time.

Published:May 24, 2024

About the customer

Golden Cross is the first health insurer to operate in the supplementary health sector in Brazil, serving around 500,000 beneficiaries nationwide.