Intermedia enhances support and customer satisfaction with OCI GenAI

The cloud communications company turns to OCI Generative AI to summarize thousands of customer service chats, saving time and gaining efficiency.


With dozens of support engineers answering hundreds of chats per day, being able to automate time-consuming activities using generative AI, such as summarizing support tickets, means our support engineers can instead spend those thousands of hours per year better prepared to increase customer satisfaction and reduce time to results.

Urvashi ShethChief Customer Officer, Intermedia

Intermedia is a cloud communications company that helps over 135,000 businesses connect using voice, videoconferencing, chat, and more. To provide outstanding customer support, staff engineers field 300 to 400 chats daily across 21 languages—a task that requires thousands of staff hours a year. The company chose OCI Generative AI to automatically summarize the transcripts of hundreds of chats a day in mere minutes. Using OCI’s large language model not only reduced costs but empowered support engineers to focus more on resolving customer challenges promptly, thus elevating the overall customer experience.

Published:March 22, 2024