ITC increases its customer base and expands business model with Oracle Cloud

The software provider uses OCI to launch a new SaaS business model to better support its clients, boosting customer satisfaction in the process.


Oracle has consistently supported us in a very important way in the commercial management of our products, in the opening of new sectors, and in seeking the retention of current customers and their evolution toward new technologies and operating models.

Esteban VillamizarCEO, ITC

Based in Colombia, ITC provides software solutions to the financial sector, specializing in services that aim to improve operational, financial, investment, tax, and accounting processes for customers. To ensure the stability of its services, ITC needed to adopt new infrastructure that would allow it to open up in new regions, build customer loyalty, develop new technologies, and adapt to changes in business models. The company chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to develop its new SaaS business because of its extensive experience working with Oracle’s solutions. OCI’s competitive cost, capacity, and technical capabilities were also key factors in the decision. OCI allowed ITC to expand its customer base to 38 companies in the Latin American region, helping customers to virtualize their business model. The company also increased the level of customer satisfaction to close to 100%, helping to position ITC as a leader in the financial market of the region.

Published:February 9, 2024