Lemtrans improves resiliency for rail systems with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Largest private railcar operator in Ukraine migrates critical applications to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to keep operations running.


Our skill set is based on VMware, so Oracle Cloud VMware Solution really appealed to us. The tools we use in OCI work exactly like what we use on-premises. This preserved our investments in IT processes and greatly simplified the migration of our data and applications outside of Ukraine to help ensure our business would not be disrupted. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution was the perfect choice for us.

Ivan RadchenkoHead of IT Department, Lemtrans

Business challenges

Lemtrans is the largest operator of private railcars in Ukraine, managing 15,000 gondola cars and transporting more than 52 million tons of cargo annually. The company was operating its on-premises VMware environment on HP Enterprise servers. After years of running business-critical software for train scheduling, identity and access, in this environment, the company quickly pivoted to the cloud when conflict began between Russia and Ukraine. Lemtrans saw the cloud as a way to maintain the highest quality standards for rail transportation, despite the challenging environment in Ukraine and unstable macroeconomic conditions.

Why Lemtrans chose Oracle

Lemtrans selected Oracle Cloud VMware Solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it could provide deep administrative access just like its on-premises VMware environment. OCI is the only hyperscaler that offers a VMware solution with this feature set.


With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, Lemtrans migrated its business-critical applications to OCI, as-is. The company’s VMware administrators can connect to an ESXi host via Secure Shell Protocol to maintain, troubleshoot, and remediate issues. The company can also edit the vSAN cluster settings, browse the datastore, and upload or delete files. Lemtrans can also control the policy for patches, updates, and upgrades. Because Lemtrans uses several industry-specific applications for train scheduling, the ability to choose the version of VMware in Oracle’s solution preserves compatibility with applications certified on previous versions of VMware.

Published:May 22, 2024

About the customer

Lemtrans is a private freight forwarding company that offers a range of rail freight forwarding services, including domestic export and import forwarding services and rolling stock maintenance.