Oracle transforms our own supply chain operations with Oracle SCM

With Oracle SCM, our supply chain team has been able to transform from an efficient organization to an agile and flexible one that exceeds our customers’ expectations.


The move to Oracle Cloud has been transformational for the execution team. Enhanced search functionality enables better exception management. The dispatch list is simple and intuitive to use, and reporting is more integrated and readily accessible for targeted analysis across the supply chain.

Jag SharmaVice President, Manufacturing, Oracle

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Business challenges

Oracle is a $40 billion company with 138,000 employees serving 430,000 customers in 175 countries.

As part of our transformation from a product-oriented to a cloud-based services-oriented company, we needed to shift to a subscription-based revenue model. That model would require a supply chain that operates at scale to enable the building and deployment of cloud (data center) technology with world-class speed and responsiveness.

Like many of our customers, we also had disparate internal supply chain systems and processes. We were relying on batch processes and file transfers from one siloed application to the next. Planning cycles would often take weeks to complete.

To move faster, innovate more quickly, and reduce our time to market, we needed a single data model and unified architecture that places all of our key supply chain functions—product lifecycle management, planning, manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, warehousing, procurement, order management, and inventory management—on one platform. We also wanted to transition from our antiquated legacy applications to cutting-edge user interfaces and data visualization, as well as intuitive dashboards.

Why Oracle@Oracle chose Oracle

Oracle selected the Oracle Cloud SCM suite of applications to transform our supply chain operations and achieve industry-leading operating efficiency, agility, and flexibility. We also wanted to leverage the built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of Oracle Cloud services.

With Oracle Cloud SCM, we are now able to fully support our increasing pace of innovation as we develop new products and improve our manufacturing and supply flexibility. We have the agility required to both navigate changing market conditions and ensure we are continuously exceeding customer expectations.


We have been able to achieve a significant return on investment with Oracle Cloud SCM. We reduced our regular planning cycle from three weeks to one week—and incremental plan changes from one week to 24 hours. Our supply chain planning cycles are 67% faster; we’re 80% faster to confirm plan adjustments.

We also reduced manual change transactions by 35%, work order tasks by 60%, steps needed to access documents by 67%, and cut the time and effort to implement software configuration changes by 83%.

In addition, the time it takes to search and query orders is 60% faster and accessing work order histories is 50% faster, too.

We also reduced by 20% to 50% percent the time it takes to query item cost, inventory, and item supply/demand data.

Published:December 11, 2019

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