Osource Global gives SaaS suite a performance boost with OCI Autonomous Database

The process management provider migrated its Onex software suite to OCI’s Autonomous Database to enhance availability, performance, and security.


By consolidating our Oracle Database workloads on OCI to Autonomous Database, Osource can take advantage of multiple built-in AI tools that help us optimize our next-generation business management software to provide more intelligent insights and innovation to our customers worldwide.

Suraj DubeyCOO, Osource Global

Osource Global specializes in outsourcing solutions with more than 850 clients across 40 countries in industries such as finance, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The company moved its Onex suite of applications in HR, IT, and finance, with over 10 TB data, to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing. The cloud database auto-provisions with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) to maximize availability and horizontal scalability. The in-memory option adds columnar functionality for real-time analysis. Auto-repairing redirects hardware and software faults to healthy devices, and automated backups provide 60 days of storage retention at no extra cost. One-click cloning across Mumbai and Hyderabad OCI regions helped Osource quickly start new development projects and innovations.

Published:June 25, 2024