Phenix brings quality, real-time video streaming to the masses with OCI

The video streaming company partners with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to deliver video to users in real time and at scale.


Oracle Cloud was a natural fit for us because it allows us to dynamically scale infrastructure and be close to our users to cut down on latency and improve quality. It gave us what we needed to fulfill our purpose as a company.

Stefan BirrerCofounder and Chief Software Architect, Phenix Real Time Solutions

Phenix is the go-to provider for real-time video streaming solutions, delivering content to broadcast-size audiences with less than half a second of latency. The company was tasked with solving the “iron triangle” dilemma—latency, quality, and scale—to bring real-time video to large audiences with cost efficiency. Phenix selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its world-class compute power with AMD and Ampere processers and dynamically scaling infrastructure to help address those three critical criteria. After migrating to OCI, the company reduced its cost of goods sold, improved its platform’s performance by 60%, and expanded into new markets to bring real-time video to users across the globe.

Published:December 21, 2023