Plusoft builds its data lake on OCI to bolster its portfolio of CRM solutions

The software developer improves data extraction, transformation, and load times by up to 40% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Plusoft made this migration to OCI precisely because of the stability we observed within the platform. Additionally, the support team is always close by and is essential in the migration processes of our clients to the data lake. Today, Oracle is a very strategic partner for us.

Rodrigo RibeiroDirector of Technology and Data Science, Plusoft

Business challenges

Plusoft provides a range of business technologies, including customer relationship management (CRM) software for various sectors, AI-powered chatbots, and corporate education and automation solutions.

After processing approximately 300 million interactions and 6 billion messages per year, Plusoft's on-premises environments began to struggle to accommodate the volume of information. The company needed a data lake with high computing power and scalability to intelligently store, manage, and extract data. Company goals included providing insights to decision-makers, reducing costs from hardware and licenses, and improving analysis response times.

Why Plusoft chose Oracle

Plusoft chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to build a secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage data lake. In addition to the stability offered by Oracle Cloud and its competitive cost, the company was also pleased with the easy access to Oracle's technical team for ongoing assistance.


Managing its data lake on OCI helped Plusoft access Oracle's AI and machine learning services. As a result, the company optimized data extraction, transformation, and load processes by up to 40%. The company's big data team can swiftly access, read, and interpret information to generate insights and identify the right timing and channel for customer communications.

In terms of performance, OCI exhibited a 10% better index for Spark processing compared to competing solutions that Plusoft analyzed.

Published:July 9, 2024

About the customer

Plusoft is one of the largest customer experience companies in Brazil. It specializes in the manufacturing, development, and implementation of CRM solutions for several markets.