Pretius cuts software development time with Oracle Database tooling

The software development company delivers software at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development with SQLcl and the Oracle Database.


With Oracle’s enhanced Liquibase feature, we save about one to two hours of work, per developer, each day. Instead of thinking about capturing database objects and their changes, we can focus on coding.

Rafal GrzegorczykOracle APEX Developer and Maintenance Team Leader, Pretius

Pretius provides software development services from design to long-term maintenance. Manually tracking and deploying database objects across environments was a tedious and error-prone process that slowed down development. After implementing Oracle SQLcl command line tool, with enhanced Liquibase change management and available for free with Oracle Database, Pretius was able to capture, version, and deploy database objects in a simpler, automated manner. Today, tracking and deploying a 10,000-object database takes just one hour instead of two to three days. The company now builds and delivers faster and with more flexibility for hybrid cloud strategies.  

Published:July 5, 2024