Qualita Corp tackles financial crimes using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

The software maker migrates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to bring higher availability to its risk management technology suite.


We thought Oracle only provided direct support to the big companies in the world, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive direct, personalized attention from day one.

Pablo Andrés HoyosCEO, Qualita Corp

The  Colombia-based Qualita Corp provides risk management software that helps Latin American businesses identify, measure, control, and monitor risks related to money laundering, corruption, and fraud. To better support its services, the company needed to adopt a robust infrastructure that could deliver high availability while meeting international information security standards. Qualita Corp chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its strong data management and information security capabilities. OCI allowed the company to access and fulfill customer contracts requiring service availability of more than 95%.

Published:April 5, 2024