Serasa Experian uses GPU clusters on OCI to help enhance fraud prevention

The data technology company turns to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GPUs to train its AI models faster and help validate documents more securely.


With OCI's latest generation GPUs, we significantly increased the number of daily AI training sessions and achieved a 90% gain in document query response times. This contributed to elevating the excellence of our B2B-focused antifraud solutions.

Alexandre NeryData Science Executive Manager, Serasa Experian

Business challenges

Serasa Experian is a leading credit bureau and technology provider specializing in risk, opportunity, and other analytical intelligence solutions in Brazil. Focusing on market analysis, credit journeys, authentication, and fraud prevention, the business helps safeguard more than 2.2 billion commercial transactions annually.

The company’s fraud prevention unit taps biometrics and document analysis, combined with advanced AI techniques, to enhance its efficiency in fighting fraudulent activities. Aligned with Experian's global guidelines for infrastructure modernization and the increasing need for computational power in training modern machine learning models, the company sought cutting-edge technology to improve the efficiency of its solutions.

Why Serasa Experian chose Oracle

Operating in a multicloud environment, Serasa Experian relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as well as other cloud services. Faced with the challenge of limited global GPU resource availability, the company selected OCI to support demanding AI training and high performance computing workloads. OCI provided access to the latest NVIDIA GPUs, bare metal instances, and virtual machines, helping Serasa Experian to run thousands of neural network training sessions within the cloud.


With GPU clusters running on OCI, Serasa Experian significantly expanded hyperparameter searches, allowing for a greater number of AI training sessions using OCI Data Science. As a result, the company performed over 1,000 training sessions per day to obtain the best model, helping to enhance the efficiency of its fraud detection tools.

Adopting OCI GPUs also led to performance gains for the company's authentication and fraud prevention products, reducing query response times by 90% compared to the previous environment. For example, the analysis of a photo on an identification document takes less than a second to complete, and is promptly validated for the user.

Published:May 10, 2024

About the customer

Serasa Experian is the largest data technology company in Brazil, offering analytical intelligence solutions to create opportunities for people and companies with minimal risk.