Skybackbone harnesses the power of Oracle Cloud for security-focused monitoring

The company manages more data and offers more services to customers with stringent security and compliance needs using OCI Logging Analytics.


Our staff no longer spends all day sifting through alerts. They are alerted whenever interesting events are triggered. We have been freed to focus on other concerns, which has improved our operations and lowered our monitoring costs.

Enrico RonchettiR&D Director, Skybackbone

Skybackbone is a strategic partner that manages cloud-based ERP, CRM, and ecommerce applications. The Italian company also helps businesses comply with EU GDRP regulations. Skybackbone relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging Analytics to manage many customer data centers using a unified log monitoring solution. OCI Logging Analytics provides one architecture that work across its customers’ needs. The company’s staff no longer spends all day sifting through alerts—instead, they’re alerted to only relevant events. This helped improve operations and lower monitoring costs.

Published:March 15, 2024