Uber relies on Oracle Cloud to deliver on promises to its customers

Uber turns to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to accelerate innovation, help deliver new products to market, and drive increased profitability.


Together with Oracle, we can make it easier than ever for retailers to leverage on-demand delivery—and even returns—to delight consumers, streamline logistics, and ultimately boost loyalty and sales.

Dara KhosrowshahiCEO, Uber

Uber is on a mission to revolutionize how people, food, and things move through cities. To deliver on that goal for customers while building value for shareholders, Uber needed a cloud provider that would help it maximize innovation while reducing infrastructure costs. Uber chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its security, performance, flexibility, and price.  

By migrating some of the company’s most critical workloads to OCI, Uber will be able to reduce costs while delivering new consumer and earner experiences. In addition, the company’s innovations with Oracle to transform last-mile logistics in retail will help bring increased profitability.

Watch the video to hear Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Oracle CEO Safra Catz discuss how Uber has evolved from a ride-share company to a go-anywhere, get-anything company, and how Oracle Cloud is supporting the transformation.

Published:January 10, 2024