Vertiv finds untapped revenue opportunities using Oracle Unity CDP

Vertiv adopts Oracle Unity CDP to unify customer and account data across sales, marketing, and ERP and deliver confidence in lead quality.


We knew there were untapped revenue opportunities hidden within our legacy and back-office platforms. With Unity CDP, we brought critical data together from multiple ERP, CRM, and marketing automation systems into a single, unified platform for activation.

Martin CoulthardGlobal Vice President, Digital Customer Experience, Vertiv

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Vertiv is a global provider of IT infrastructure equipment and services for data centers, communications networks, and commercial and industrial facilities. As a global organization, it relied on a multitude of highly customized and disconnected customer experience applications, as well as a tough data quality hurdle that prevented effective email marketing and sales campaigns. With Oracle Unity CDP, Vertiv was able to unify its enterprise-wide data into complete customer and account profiles. With new unified insights, Vertiv can proactively identify the right opportunities within the install base, align sales and marketing processes, and create new revenue opportunities.

Published:June 11, 2024