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Avoid Cloud Connection Headaches
Oracle'€™s Connected, Data Driven Cloud.

Watch this video to learn how a connected business is a data driven business.

Oracle Modern Best Practice for Startups
Oracle Modern Best Practice for Startups

Shaped by the latest technology, Oracle Modern Best Practice for Startups can help your startup grow confidence and agility.

SaaS For Dummies
SaaS for Dummies

A manager's guide to everything Cloud

Cloud is evolving. Are you?
Cloud is Evolving. Are you?

Discover how your competition is using the cloud right now.

Complete. Data Driven.
Personalized. Connected. Secure.

A Modern Cloud Platform

What if your cloud was truly personalized to your business? What if it seamlessly connected your entire organization from anywhere and from any device? What if you were confident that your cloud data was more secure than ever? What if you had cloud applications that had embedded, data driven intelligence? It can be with Oracle's Complete, Modern Cloud.

  • Get Started—Connect Your Business to the Cloud
    Want to improve business quickly?
    Find out how to simply connect your existing system to the Oracle Cloud. View the Brief (PDF)
  • Are You Using Modern Best Practices?
    In the age of digital business, you need new ways to execute complete business processes across your organization to achieve superior performance, increase sales, reduce costs, and support business transformation. Explore Modern Best Practices
Modern Business
  • Get Smart About SaaS
    Find out the top 3 questions you should be asking your cloud provider. Watch the video (2:48)
  • Is Your Cloud Built For the Digital Generation?
    The digital world moves at high speeds. You need new capabilities that meet your unique needs faster than ever. Find out why a personalized, connected and secure cloud is built for digital business.
  • Choosing the right SaaS solution for your business is easy when you have the right checklist. Get the Checklist (PDF)
Modern Cloud
Practical Path to the Cloud

In the Spotlight

Article: The Cloud is Your Ticket to Modern Business Engagement


The Cloud is Your Ticket to Modern Business Engagement
Why the cloud is key for collaboration

Cloud computing is changing everything—delivering new capabilities faster and at lower cost. Find out why cloud is your ticket to modern business engagement.

Infographic: Cloud Computing Comes of Age


Cloud Computing Comes of Age
How cloud leaders are outperforming the competition

Cloud is here to stay and it’s changing the game for IT and business leaders alike. Learn what the evolution of cloud means for your modern business.

Vidoe: Can Your Cloud Provider Keep Up


Can Your Cloud Provider Keep Up?
Modern Business Needs a Modern Cloud

Watch Oracle customers describe how a modern cloud puts their business ahead.

Got Skeletons in Your Cloud Platform?
Got Skeletons in Your Cloud Platform?
Make Sure Your Cloud Needs are Met

A personalized cloud is required to meet modern user expectations and enable faster innovation across your entire business.

How to Avoid Cloud Connection Headaches
How to Avoid Cloud Connection Headaches

Connections, connections everywhere. Your business is at the center of it.

Are You Gambling With Your Business in the Cloud?
Are You Gambling With Your Business in the Cloud?
Securing Your Cloud Data is Not a Game

There are many choices in the digital world; the challenge is to find a modern cloud provider that you can trust with your valuable business data.

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Icon Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud

Finding Talent – The Recipe for Success.
Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud

The talent you acquire and retain is a key ingredient to success. Modern businesses find the right talent, and give people the right tools for the job.

Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Icon Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud

The Back Office That Puts You In Front of the Competition
Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud

Insightful information put into the hands of front-line managers lets you stay one-step ahead of the competition. The modern back office delivers the real-time information you need.

Customer Experience Cloud Customer Experience Cloud

Delivering the Experiences Customers Expect
Customer Experience Cloud

Customers want a connected experience and are willing to pay more for it. Modern businesses provide a seamless experience across different channels.

Supply Chain Management Cloud Icon Supply Chain Management Cloud

Turning Supply Chains Into Value Chains
Supply Chain Management Cloud

A consistent supply chain drives customer satisfaction and financial performance. A modern supply chain lets you keep up with a fast-paced, digital world.

Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Icon Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Unlocking Business Potential
Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Business volatility can work in your favor if you respond quickly. Modern businesses have rapid planning cycles that keep pace with change.

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