Oracle Cloud CX Platform

Built on a cloud platform that incorporates best practices and applied emerging technologies, Oracle Cloud CX offers tools simple enough for business users to manage, yet powerful enough for developers to extend. Oracle CX applications are innovative and flexible, and provide consistent performance and security.

Oracle Cloud CX platform

Unity Customer Data Platform

Personalize the customer experience with a customer data platform that creates a single, dynamic view of each account and delivers intelligence—in real time—to marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

  • Unified customer profile
  • Customer profile enrichment
  • Real-time, smart segmentation
  • Customer analytics
  • Actionable intelligence
  • CX integrations
  • Segmentation
  • Behavioral Intelligence

Oracle integration

Connect data, processes, and applications on a single, unified platform. Oracle offers the flexibility to integrate with all applications in your enterprise, through any touchpoint. We make integration quick and simple with prebuilt flows and easy-to-use tools, while still offering the power that developers desire.


Visual builder

Oracle offers fully featured, cloud native, low-code, and CI/CD tools to enable native extensions and stand-alone web and mobile experiences. Configure and build experiences with open web standards (JavaScript and REST) to meet your needs—without adding technical debt—and support the entire development lifecycle.

  • Visual development
  • Prebuilt service connections
  • Template library
  • Component library
  • Git repository
  • Issue tracking
  • Wiki
  • Continuous integration/ continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • Runtime
  • Security
  • Oracle Apps service catalog
  • Native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services integration

Reduce risk on security-first designed architecture

Built on an Oracle Generation 2 Cloud security platform, Oracle provides the most complete identity and security solution to secure user identity and access to any application and employ enterprise-grade data encryption and governance technology.


Conversational experiences with digital assistant

Embrace the next generation of UX and business applications with chatbots and conversational AI interfaces. Start immediately with customizable, prebuilt digital assistant skills or develop new digital assistants from third-party applications.


Guided decisions using AI and insights

Enable a true customer-centric business by leveraging insights from all CX touchpoints. Analyze complex business processes flows, such as lead-to-order and quote-to-cash, to optimize for unparalleled business performance. Analyze historical trends and use AI to guide your CX teams to meet business and revenue targets.

  • Role-based insights and guided actions
  • Real-time transaction reporting
  • Self-service analytics and data discovery
  • Data visualization and exploratory analytics
  • Predictive and what-if analysis
  • Analytics on the go, mobile
  • Out-of-the-box semantic data model, KPI’s
  • AI for sales

Why Oracle CX is built for excellence

Connected data

Oracle Cloud CX takes a data-first approach, connecting customer behaviors, transactions, and demographics across marketing, sales, service, and your back-office applications to create the next great experience for each individual. Oracle has been helping customers manage, secure, and drive business value from data for more than 40 years. Data is our DNA.

Connected, modern UX

Oracle’s modern user experience puts consumer-grade experiences into your hands. Highly modular visual components and intelligent, conversational services maximize reuse and consistency across our applications. Experience the power of search, natural language processing, and low-code development using cloud native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services together with these UX paradigms.

Customer intelligence

Oracle’s customer intelligence platform helps enterprises drive business value from their connected data assets and thrive in the experience economy. When powered by connected data, connected intelligence delivers hyperpersonalization in real time and at scale across the customer journey.

Mazda Europe personalizes communications and reduces costs using a CDP

When Mazda Europe wanted to know more about their customer across their various data sources, they begun looking for a CDP. See the benefits they received, including improved speed and increased lead submissions, as they implemented Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform.

Oracle Cloud CX customer successes

With a comprehensive suite of tools for sales, marketing, service, and commerce professionals, Oracle Cloud CX helps brands get ahead and stay ahead in the experience economy.

Thought leadership

Get the most from your Oracle Marketing investment with Oracle Content Management

Monte Kluemper, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Content Management

Looking for the right content and assets to complete your martech stack? Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Read this post to discover how you can get the most from your existing marketing assets. Oracle Content Management offers you a single repository—preintegrated with your existing marketing tools—for storing images, fonts, logos, videos, audio files, PDFs, and photos as well as structured content assets, such as blogs, product descriptions, and customer testimonials.

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Release Readiness

Release readiness

Get up to speed on the latest releases of Oracle CX Platform and ensure that your upgrade is successful. Review the latest features, including the innovations, capability overviews, business benefits, setup considerations, and usage tips.

CX Platform documentation

CX Platform documentation

Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, videos, and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle CX. You’ll find all of these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.

Cloud learning

Develop your Cloud CX skills

Oracle University provides a variety of learning solutions to help you build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Learn more about the training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization’s success.

Customer Community

Cloud Customer Connect

Cloud Customer Connect is Oracle’s premier online cloud community. Specifically designed for peer collaboration, best practice sharing, and to provide needed tools for members so they can keep pace with product strategy. In addition, members are able to provide feedback on directly to Oracle development.

Support and Services

CX marketplace

Power transformation with innovative partner applications and services. Find the most comprehensive list of sales cloud, service cloud, and marketing cloud applications in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

CX Platform best practices

CX Platform best practices

Oracle CX Platform is not a product, it’s a strategy. By leveraging common, shared services across the CX portfolio, customers maximize operational efficiency, security, and insights. These internal benefits translate into consistent, coherent, and enjoyable user experiences throughout their journey.

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