Oracle Dynamic Skills

Put the power of skills to work throughout the employee journey and successfully build a strategy to future-proof your workforce.

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Dynamic Skills features

An AI-driven skills engine

Leverage AI and automation to continuously keep your organization’s skills up to date and support your talent planning decisions.

Skills inventory

Access a dynamic inventory of skills and job data tailored to your organization’s unique language, culture, and industry.

Adaptive learning

Get dynamic skills data and recommendations that improve and adapt as employees, candidates, HR, and managers use the system.

AI-powered recommendations

Connect candidates and employees with personalized skills recommendations that can be added to their profiles to showcase their talents.

Skills discovery

Enable employees to discover new skills that help them develop and grow their careers.

Skills-driven talent management

Enhance your recruiting, career development, and learning processes with a talent management system that adapts and responds to your organization’s skills landscape.

Personalized portal

Provide a centralized place for employees and managers to manage skills and recommend actions to drive personal and organizational growth.

Skills crowdsourcing

Enable peer endorsements to raise awareness of the skills sets throughout your organization.

Team Skills Center

Provide your managers with a central place to review, assign, and manage skill development across their team.

Skills-driven career growth

Build your portfolio of experiences and skills with personalized development opportunities that align with your goals.

AI-powered growth recommendations

Level up your skills and achieve your career aspirations by pursuing recommended growth opportunities.

Skills dashboard for leaders

Equip leaders with a summary dashboard and drill-down options to help them understand the landscape of their organization’s skills.

Powerful skills analysis and reporting

Analyze the skills strengths, gaps, and trends of your workforce with flexible business intelligence tools.

See how Oracle ME delivers employee experiences to bring out the best in every person.

Key benefits of Dynamic Skills

Know your organization’s skills

Continuously detect, track, and analyze employee skills throughout your organization.

Video: Optimizing skills strategy (27:05)

Unlock the power of skills

Connect people with the right opportunities—ones that matter to them and to your organization.

Video: Technology spotlight (4:02)

Unleash your talent potential

Manage the skills and actions necessary to drive personal and organizational growth.

Video: Putting talent to work (24:43)

Understand the skills you need to survive and thrive in an age that demands resiliency

Put the power of skills to work in any situation

Move to Cloud HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM provides your business with one solution for HR—with the workforce visibility, flexibility, and intuitive experiences needed to quickly adapt to change.

Gain one cloud for HR and finance

A common cloud platform will enable HR and finance teams to collaborate and plan with speed and confidence. From employee safety and training to cost controls and productivity, this is a tremendous opportunity to pivot forward and build the resilience your organization needs.

Overcome your talent shortage

Transform how your organization attracts talent, drives internal mobility, and hires with speed and confidence.

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Ready your organization for the digital age with a dynamic skills strategy

Managing skills across the organization can be a messy business. While new skills are becoming required as fast as new technologies are emerging (hint: at an exponential rate), the actual skills associated with job requirements, such as “grow social media market share” or “streamline product sales,” require a detailed understanding of the tasks and capabilities that will effectuate those goals.

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