Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace

Gain multi-tier visibility into supply chain networks, track and trace things of value, and detect and resolve issues with Oracle Fusion Cloud Intelligent Track and Trace.

Achieve multi-tier visibility for supply chains.

Intelligent Track and Trace

Gain transparency, trust, and multi-tier visibility.

Prebuilt and connected

Deploy quickly

Record transactions from multiple sources to provide track and trace reporting in a purpose-built application with built-in connections to Oracle supply chain products and easy integration to third-party applications.

Increased trust

Operationalize for trust

Record non disputable transactions from respective partners. Display tracking history with drill-downs of business documents securely committed to a distributed ledger. Business rules can be added to automate with smart contracts.

Fast results, low cost

Reduce cost and risk

Apply blockchain technology in a prebuilt SaaS application to accelerate business processes with less cost and risk.

Industry and Internet of Things (IoT)

Apply real-world learning

Connect with IoT Intelligent Applications and apply industry expertise from vast network of Oracle supply chain customers.

Simulation capability

Scenario testing

Built-in simulators provide a view of the value realized before systems are implemented. Simulators are also used to help define business networks and their associated transactions.

End-to-end supply chain visibility

Inter and intra-enterprise

Visibility into business partners is facilitated by a founder who defines the business transaction flows. An item can be tracked, traced, and monitored, down to its serial number.


Assigned privileges

A facilitator (founder) invites partners and assigns privileges based on their role. Endorsing partners can define rules for transaction validation. Participating partners can post and access in read-only mode.

Use cases for Intelligent Track and Trace

Protect food items from freezing during transport

Use Intelligent Track and Trace to monitor food items by tracking the temperature of containers by ingesting data from multiple heterogeneous applications.

Protect food from freezing video (1:29)
Food and beverage use case (PDF)
Datasheet: Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace (PDF)

Monitor food and beverage processes

Invite a network of supply chain members to enable trust and detect issues in the beer brewing process.

View the video (1:49)
Intelligent Track and Trace for the beer brewing product tour
Brewing beer with Intelligent Track and Trace (PDF)

Track equipment

Track returns of equipment from end customers through warehouses, contracted manufacturers, and customer service centers.

Watch the track equipment video (1:31)
Track equipment use case (PDF)

Making blockchain easy with SaaS for supply chains

Michael Richter, Principal Director, Product Marketing, Oracle

Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace is a supply chain application that leverages blockchain technology. The application helps to address the challenges of managing complexities in a global network of trading partners. You don't need to be a developer to use the Intelligent Track and Trace application because it's a pre-built application that is ready-to-deploy. With built-in blockchain technology, the application helps to gain efficiencies for supply chain management by enabling multitier visibility across a supply chain.

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