Addressing Employee Mental Health in the New Workplace

November 10, 2020 | Original Americas broadcast

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New workplace dynamics, uncertainty, and pressure due to COVID-19 have an increasingly negative impact on mental health. Employees navigating remote work requirements narrow the line between office and home, while those who must continue reporting onsite now operate in higher risk environments. In these conditions, HR is challenged to make employee well-being a priority. Fortunately, innovators are already making headway in the effort to improve mental health. Join the conversation and take action today.

Opening Remarks (2:38)

The pandemic is causing people to log longer hours, balance work and personal lives, and operate in higher stress environments. HR leaders are challenged to prioritize employee well-being.

Promoting Employee Mental Health with HR Technology (23:06)

Based on findings from a recent AI@Work study, Dan Schawbel of Workplace Intelligence and Emily He of Oracle illuminate how employees across all levels of the organization have been affected by the pandemic.

Office of the Future: Transitioning to a Virtual Workforce and Office (19:17)

The company office is evolving, focusing more on collaboration and building community. PwC’s Vinod Bonthala discusses how office-of-the-future challenges are being addressed, based on key findings of the CHRO Insights Survey.

A Thriving Workforce—A Best Practices Customer Panel (27:38)

Today’s rapid, unprecedented, and continuous change requires new levels of agility and resilience from HR leaders. Hear about the future of HR with Emerson’s James E. Jones, vice president of human resources and chief ethics officer, and Oracle’s Joyce Westerdahl, executive vice president of human resources.

Closing Remarks (1:07)

78% of employees in 2020 were negatively impacted by their mental health.

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