Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit

Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Applications on OCI

19 January 2021 ǀ Original global broadcast

Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Apps on OCI - Full Show (34:55)

A move to the cloud is imminent for almost every business. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are in a position to both make that transition and to guide their customers in this critical shift.

Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Apps on OCI - Introduction (2:28)

Opening Remarks to Why ISVs Run Their Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Keynote: Why ISVs are Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (8:58)

Oracle Executive Dave Profozich discusses why ISVs are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for unmatched price-performance, unified data management, comprehensive SLAs and other innovative services to deliver superior value to their customers.

Partner Success: The Benefits of Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (13:02)

Learn why three Oracle ISVs chose to move their applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

How ISVs Build Applications on on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (7:27)

Explore the capabilities an ISV needs to build their SaaS products on OCI to scale to millions of users globally.

Next Steps and How to Get Started (1:29)

Learn about Oracle Programs & Resources for ISVs.

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Learn why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the ideal platform to run your applications in a series of live and on-demand virtual events.

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